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Food is Love

There are many ways to feel nourished; from food, from love, from acts of Self-care. From infancy, our nourishment from food is typically paired with our Mothers love – they are often inseperable. As we age, food made with love can satiate not only physical hunger, but also our hunger for love. Offering food to others is one of the simplest ways of offering care and support.

Pilar and her family have returned to their home in Victoria after a whirlwind pilar familyjourney of surprises. Her young daughter Tree had emergency surgery in early January to remove a brain tumour. The test results have determined that the cells were cancerous and Tree will need both radiation therapy and chemotherapy over the next year that will take them to and from Vancouver. While they are at their home-base in Victoria, we’d like to offer them meals to ease the burden of cooking.

We have started a Meal Train for Pilar, Tree, and Ocean to organize the community support. Some meals are needed in the next few days, and the need may continue later in Spring depending on when their trips to Vancouver are scheduled. If you’d like to offer a meal please email info@hemma.ca and we will add you to the group to view the calendar.

If you’d like to make a financial donation to the family to help with medical and travel expenses you can click here https://www.gofundme.com/z4qn5j38 We are holding this sweet family in our hearts, and thank you for doing the same.

With love,


Healing with Community


For the past few weeks I have been visiting a patient at Victoria General Hospital.  He has been recovering in a 4 bed room along with 3 other patients.  The care is exceptional — amazing nursing, physical therapy, food service, cleaning. Each time I visit though I have this feeling that something is missing from their healing regime. That missing piece is community — a sense that they are in some way connected to the larger community that lives outside the walls of the health-care institutions. Every need is cared for on the physical level, but on the heart level — the level of the spirit, there is a thin diet. I know that folks need quiet and rest to recover, but they also need love — visitors of all ages, music, art, etc. — to be engaged in their healing on the emotional and spiritual, as well as the physical level.  Something that drew me to community acupuncture in the beginning was this shared understanding among the other acupuncturists who were practicing in community clinics. That, and the way the patients felt at ease with one another — cared for one another — and connected with one another in their shared healing space that is the community acupuncture clinic.

On Christmas day I went in to visit my patient and as I was sitting with him I started humming a song — something I’m known to do from time to time.  As we were sitting together a family member from one of the patients in the room asked me if I would come over and sing the song for their father. I said sure and walked across the room, sat down on the edge of his bed and sang him, “go tell it on the mountain.”  It was probably not the first time those walls had received the sound of music, but I got the sense it was a rare moment in an otherwise sterile environment. We all ended in tears, our hearts opened in a precious moment. I encourage you all to sometimes challenge the structures we have created, those that serve to protect and keep us safe, but that also often keep us from receiving the essential elements of love, and care, and connection, that we all need more of.




The power of community

Hemma is a home to welcome you as you are. Our staff, volunteers,  students, and patients quickly feel like family around here. The Yoga and Acupuncture we offer is often healing, though I believe it’s the sense of community and support that keeps many of us coming back again and again. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve wept tears of gratitude for this feeling of home here.

Today I’d like to ask for support from you, the community, for one of our amazing teachers. Pilar Munoz has been teaching here for the past year and she shows up with generosity, integrity, and a deep sense of caring for her students. Her vibrant 12 year old daughter, Tree, recently received brain surgery to remove a tumour. The surgery was successful, though it will take time for her to recover and wait for test results. What we can do as a community it hold space for Tree’s healing and the family’s support. You can do this by sending love, sending prayers, dedicating the merit of your practice. Now is when the power of intention, the power of community really counts.

If you’d like to contribute financially to support the family, there is a gofundme page set up – please share it! We will also be donating the proceeds from all of our community classes in January. You can drop in for these on Mondays or Wednesday at 12:30-1:30pm.

Big love to Tree, Pilar, and the whole family,

xo Kelly

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