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Teacher Feature – Meagan Welch

Introducing Hemma teacher Meagan Welch! You can join her every week for Hatha Yoga on Sundays from 4:30-5:45pm. Get to know her in this interview.

1. When did you start practicing Yoga and why? 

I discovered yoga a decade ago on a path to self discovery and greater physical fitness. I have explored many different styles of yoga over the years.

2.  How has Yoga helped you in your life?

Nothing inspires me more than to inspire others, (more…)


Ever Evolving


Welcome to the third edition of the hemma website!  Three versions in seven years seems par for the course in the ever evolving, fast moving technology that is the internet.  We hope you enjoy this new simplified version. If some of the text seems out of place, refresh your browser or empty the cache on your computer :)

As you can see we no longer have two sides to our site — one for yoga and one for acupuncture.  Instead we have merged the two into one, much like our original design.  I think this represents our evolving understanding of the true partnership of these services — yoga and acupuncture — and their shared potential for creating health, transformation, and supportive community.  They stand side-by-side, complimenting and supporting one another, just as we all do for each other.

You may also notice that we have created more of a window into hemma with lot’s of colourful photographs — hopefully you won’t miss those playful drawings too much!  Finally we hope that the new design makes it easier for you to learn more about us,  see what we’re up to, and access our services.

Always moving forward, ever evolving,

All of us at hemma!


Word of the day: COMMUNITY


As you may know, Karin Sarnblom moved to Sweden last week to complete a 2-year Masters program. Karin has been an integral part of the Hemma community since we opened 7 years ago; as a volunteer, front desk staff, studio manager, and an extraordinary Yoga teacher and community leader. We are very proud of her taking her next step, and will miss her immensely – we already do! Here is a message from Karin to YOU.

Word of the day: COMMUNITY. 

The hemma community is where I have grown not only my skills as a yoga teacher but also as a human being. I will miss you all and wish you well on the path.

With infinite tenderness and gratitude,


To stay in touch: (more…)

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