We are pleased to announce that we are now offering private bodywork sessions at Hemma. Available on variable weekdays, evenings and weekends.

Bodywork can include relaxation and therapeutic table massage, gentle Thai-style mat massage, and intuitive healing touch.*

please request to book by email

or phone 250-294-0434

Penelope Hagan is a certified Thai massage practitioner/intuitive touch healer with seven years of experience in relaxation massage and spiritual guidance. As a yoga teacher and longtime student of tarot, animal medicine and the Chakras, she brings an extra-special spiritual energy to her bodywork sessions. She believes in the deep connection between mind, body and spirit, so she will help you address any emotional issues that contribute to chronic physical tension.

Your session will be tailored to your specific needs. Penelope is adept at very gentle massage as well as deep-tissue treatments. If you need a soothing, quiet moment to relax, she gives a warm, nurturing touch. If you need a lot of stretching, traction and muscle work, she offers an in-depth therapeutic treatment.

For healing emotional tension, Penelope’s intuitive touch treatment involves a simple sequence of laying on hands to warm, relax and heal you.

Ask for tarot cards to be added to your bodywork session if you desire!

All sessions include the option of being fully-clothed or draped, at your request.

sliding scale fee: $80-100/hour

45-60-75-90 minutes available

*Please Note: this is not Registered Massage Therapy and therefore not eligible for use with health insurance benefits.