We host regular workshops, specialty classes, and events to deepen your practice in a community setting. Payment is required at the time of registration and GST will be added to the price. We often require a minimum number of participants to run a workshop, so if you are considering attending, please register one week prior to avoid disappointment.





Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for anxiety and depression –
a 9 Week Series with Sarah Kinsley

Tuesdays at 7:15-9:30pm
February 7th – April 4th

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is a clinically proven therapy for working with anxiety and preventing relapses in those who suffer from sarah kinsleydepression. It combines the practice of mindfulness meditation with the skills of cognitive therapy. Over the eight-week course, students will learn a variety of techniques that can used to develop a new relationship with thoughts, emotions and body sensations. MBCT teaches how to break the patterns of anxiety and depression through practical and adaptable skills that can be used in everyday life. This course is for anyone experiencing moderate anxiety/depression. It is also recommended for people with a history of depression. This course is not intended as training for clinicians interested in facilitating MBCT courses. The class size will be limited to eight students. Note: Week 1 is Orientation & Interviews, followed by 8 week course. Class held in Acupuncture Clinic.

About Sarah:
Sarah Kinsley teaches in the Integrated Mindfulness Certificate at Royal Roads University and serves as a therapist and facilitator at Bridges for Women Society. She has extensive training in Mindfulness-Based Interventions including Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

Investment: $295-$325 Sliding Scale
This series is nearly full. Please call to inquire about space. 250-294-0434



Friday Night Kirtan

With Kelly, Tia, and Damian
kirtan bhavantu sound
February 24th at  7:30-9:00pm

Kirtan is a form of Bhakti (devotional) Yoga where community gathers to share in call-and-response chanting, therein discovering that which unites us to each other. Most of the chants are in the ancient but timeless Sanskrit language. These sounds vibrate within the physical and subtle body, quieting the mind and purifying the heart. No experience is necessary, and song sheets are provided.

Investment: $5-$20 Sliding Scale

Yoga for Self Love: Living a Life of Embrace

With Melody Walford
February 25th at 1:00-3:00pm

A gentle vinyasa practice to connect one to the practice of embrace and self-love. The melody forestancient teachings of yoga guide us towards inner balance, by reminding us to look at what is challenging and painful with acceptance and reverence. We will work with body image; perfectionism and comparison to free ourselves from the beliefs that keep us feeling separate, less than worthy and blocked from shining our light in the world.

Bring, an open heart and mind. A journal and pen.

Investment: $25 Before February 21st / $30 After

30 Days of Practice!

February 26th – March 27th, 2017

Recommit to your Yoga practice with support of your community! Burst into yoga mariaSpring with 30 days of practice of Yoga or meditation. The intention is to bring Yoga into your daily life with a class at Hemma, out in the community, or at home; all practice counts. Add your name to the wall-chart at hemma and add a sticker for each day you practice (because it’s all about the stickers…right?!) Enter to win a 1 month Yoga pass each time you take a class at Hemma! Follow us on Facebook for resources to support you all month long.

Investment: Your time! No fee to participate!

Sunday February 26th at 2-3pm

Join us for this free session to connect with community, set intentions, and learn a few tools to support your practice throughout the month. You will be guided in a short meditation which will count as your first day of practice! No need to register, just drop in!





Yoga for Anxiety – 6 Week Series
With Melody Walford

Thursdays at 7:45-9:00pm from March 2nd -April 6th

Yoga offers mood management support to people dealing with stress and Melody Warford BW 2016anxiety. Come learn practical tools to bring yourself back into balance. This 6 week progressive series will guide you through specifically researched postures (asana), pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation (mind medicine) that will focus on relieving stress and anxiety.

The aim is to empower you with a greater understanding of yourself and the practice of yoga; so you can incorporate this powerful practice of self-care into your daily routine. We will work on calming the nervous system to bring you back into connection with your true nature. Create space in your life, once a week for six weeks to trust, breathe, and let go. All levels welcome. No prior yoga experience needed, come as you are and begin a deeply healing process.

Investment: $80-$100 Sliding Scale
Space is limited. Pre-registration is required.

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music movement medicine
With Brian James & Debbie Stapleton
March 3rd at 7:30-9:00pm

brian and debbie sound healingRelax, let go, and allow more creativity, vitality, intimacy and insight to flow in your life.
Join Brian and Debbie for a monthly offering of music and movement medicine. Sessions begin with group toning and chanting, followed by a simple, gentle breath and movement practice, culminating in a deeply relaxing and transporting sound bath that blends Sanskrit chanting, indigenous medicine melodies, Tibetan bowls and other sonic delights. Please bring a yoga mat and anything else you need for comfort.

Investment: $15-$20 Sliding Scale
No need to pre-register – just drop in!


Everyday Yoga for Everybody: How to make your yoga practice work for you
With Brian James
March 4th at 1:00-4:00pm

If you feel better going to yoga class 2-3 times a week, imagine how you’ll feel brian 2017 find your flowwhen you do it every day! A yoga practice doesn’t have to be complicated for you to experience profound results like greater strength and mobility, improved sleep and digestion, a clear and focused mind and deeper levels of intimacy. In this 3-hour interactive workshop you’ll learn a simple but powerful breath and movement practice that you can easily incorporate into your busy life. We’ll explore ways to modify the postures and adjust the length and intensity of the practice to meet your changing needs. The workshop will conclude with a deeply restful and restorative Yoga Nidra soundbath. Detailed handouts will be included.

Investment: $35 Before February 28th / $40 After



Stoke Your Fire: Yoga for Good Digestion
With Kelly YaskiwKelly Yaskiw 2013

WORKSHOP – March 11th at 1:00-3:00pm

You are what you eat. Right? Well actually, you are what you digest and assimilate. Supporting your digestive system can enhance your energy, your immunity, and overall health. The focus of this workshop is experiential – offering Yoga postures which strengthen the core as well as breath work and meditation that calms the nervous system. Theory and tips to support your digestion will also be weaved into the afternoon. Spring is an ideal time to stoke your digestive fire!

Investment: $20 Advance / $25 Door


6 WEEK SERIES – Tuesdays at 7:45-9:00pm. March 14h – April 18th

You are what you eat. Right? Well actually, you are what you digest and assimilate. Supporting your digestive system can enhance your energy, your immunity, and overall health. This 6-week series will offer practical tools from Yoga and Ayurveda to improve your digestion. The focus of each class will be experiential – offering Yoga postures which invigorate and strengthen the core, as well as breath work and meditation that calms the nervous system. Each week theories will be introduced drawing from holistic nutrition, Ayurveda, and off the mat practices that support your digestion. Spring is an ideal time to stoke your digestive fire, and this series is suitable for both those who are looking to improve their digestion, and those who are simply curious about how to optimize this flame.

Investment: $80-$100 Sliding Scale

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The SpeakEasy: 

A Poetry & Performance Open Mic Night
March 17th at 7:00-9:00 pm

Spotlight on microphone stand on stage

For the shy and courageous, beginner and veteran alike! Come if you have a poem, song, stand-up routine, improv skit, or piece of wisdom to share – or come if you just want to listen and enjoy a great community evening of fun and merriment.  No worries if you don’t have something to share – we’ll have a basket of quotes, poems & other fun ideas available, if you feel the call to perform something. This is a great opportunity to challenge and express yourself, or support others who want to!

Dress code in effect: A bit of green!

By Donation



Bowspring Basics: An Intro to Bowspring Practice and Principles
With Jonathan Boyd & Karin Sarnblom
March 18th at 12:30-2:30pm

Join Jonathan and Karin for 2 hours learning about Bowspring alignment. The Karin & JonathanBowspring form is an ideal postural shape for all of your daily life’s activities. It has the power to enhance your capacity in ordinary tasks like walking, sitting, housework, yard work, jogging, or other athletics.

The Bowspring methodology offers new dynamic poses that incorporate:

– bent knees
– hovering heels
– uplifted and engaged glutes to support the natural curvature of the lower back
– long and strong abdominals
– expanded upper back and broad shoulders
– elongated and curved neck

Geared to the novice or the seasoned practitioner, come learn and practice the principles of Bowspring alignment. Discover how you can mold and dynamically balance the shape of your spine, through functional movements where you become aware of your habitual tendencies.

Investment: $30 Before March 13th / $40 After



Meditate & Educate: Sharing Meditation with Kids & Teens
With Cara Calibaba
March 25th at 1:00-4:00pm

Giving ourselves and the children in our lives the tools to build present moment cara youth mediationawareness, emotional literacy and a sense of oneness. In this adult workshop you will learn how the basic science and philosophy of meditation can empower the children and teens in your life!

-Discover how modelling mindfulness techniques can inspire youth to embody a regular stillness practice.
-Investigate how meditation and emotional literacy can help children cope with everyday stressors.
-Explore meditation techniques combined with breath work and movement.
-Receive a Meditation Tool Kit to support a practice for kids & teens.

This workshop is great for school teachers, yoga teachers, parents, grandparents and anyone who works with kids & teens. No prior meditation experience is necessary. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a journal, pen, yoga mat, and meditation cushion if you have one. Bolsters, blocks, and blankets will be provided.

Investment: $50 Before March 21st / $60 After
*A donation will be made to The Enlight 10 Educator Scholarship from your registration fee. Please visit Cara’s website for more details:



Kirtan: Devotional Prayerformance
With Sufey Chen & Oliver Swain

March 31st at 7:00-9:00pm

Birthed from a place of electric passion, the KIRTAN TOUR with Sufey Chen Sufey and Oliver Kirtan 2017and Oliver Swain is a reverent celebration of devotional music and liberated movement. This captivating PRAYERFORMANCE weaves traditional kirtan classics with enchanting original harmonies in an ecstatic evening of co-creative ceremony, ritual and deep healing. Their tour features a two-hour interactive experience of tribal connection and personal liberation, centered around the healing powers of intuitive dance and song. Sufey is a sacred song-keeper, energy healer and shamanic priestess celebrated for her work in the transformation and liberation of the soul. Oliver is a Juno and Western Canada Music Award Nominee (2016 Roots Artist of the Year) who has spent his life studying devotional music from around the world. Learn more about Sufey, Oliver, and their Kirtan Tour.

Investment: $21 Advance / $30 Door



Refund Policy:

– If you cancel 7 days prior to the event, we can offer you a full refund or credit at Hemma.
– If you cancel within the week prior to the event, we can offer you a credit at hemma, minus a $5 administration fee.
– If you cancel the day of the event, or don’t show up for it, no refund or credit will be offered.
– It is rare that we cancel a workshop, but if we do we will give you 24 hours notice and offer you a full refund or credit at Hemma. 

Thank you for your understanding.