Our in-person events are limited to 10 people maximum. Physical distancing and mask-wearing remain in effect until further notice.

Please read our Covid Page prior to attending our clinic or any in-person event. Thank you.

Shamanic Journey Circle

What does your soul want to tell you?
Take a journey into the hidden realm of archetypal images and energies and bring back insight, inspiration and guidance for your life. Combining elements of shamanism and depth psychology, yoga teacher and transformational coach Brian James will lead you in a breath practice, drum journey and integration/sharing circle. 
You’ll have your own recliner and blanket, but please bring a journal, eye covering and water. We’ll be observing physical distancing protocols established by Hemma’s acupuncture clinic so spots are limited to 10 people.

Pre-Registration Now Open: 


7:00-9:00PM (10 SPOTS)

About Brian James:

mother earth guided meditation

Join Penelope in the deeply nourishing practice of Divine Feminine meditation. A student of Jumana Sophia’s Her Mystery School, Penelope uses breathwork, somatic awareness, sound and guided visualizations to help you drop into a softened, receptive state.

Find your nervous system dropping in tension as you rest supported and cozy in an armchair. After a circle check-in to introduce ourselves, you will be guided by Penelope’s voice into an Earth-based meditation that brings a sense of connection, prayerfulness, reverence, rest, and hope.

Please plan to bring your own water if desired. Masks are necessary also.

registration open – please call to reserve!

Every Other Thursday: June 10th and 24th

7:00-8:30PM (14 SPOTS)

Learn more about Penelope!

Summer Solstice ritual

Join Penelope in a special celebration to honour the Sun on the longest day of the year. We will meet at Hemma, walk down to the ocean, and together create a beautiful nature altar where we will place our wishes for expansion, grace, healing and optimism. (In the event of rain, the ritual will take place inside Hemma.)

14 spots available. Please register in advance.

registration open – please call to reserve!

Sunday, June 20

7:00-9:00PM (10 SPOTS)