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As the fall ushers in winter we are once again asking you for warm winter items for those in need. All items will be donated to the Dandelion Society was founded by Rev. Al Tysick. Reverend Al has been working with the homeless for 40 years and was one of the primary founders of “Our Place”. He started the Dandelion Society in 2011 in an effort to provide care and support for people in our community who are unable to access even basic care and support from places like Our Place.

Donate any and all of the following items at Hemma before December 31st. Please ensure they are either new, or clean and in excellent condition. Several of these items are needed NOW and will be donated immediately directly to those in need. Please note – the emphasis is on blankets, sleeping bags, and warm coats.

Items to bring:
Sleeping Bags
Rain Coats
Warm Coats
Mittens, Gloves, Hats, Scarves
NEW Socks.

Thank you!!


A call to respond

My partner and I took our teenage kids to Vancouver last weekend for a big-city adventure, forgetting that it happened to coincide with black friday. Despite the fact that I visit Vancouver several times a year, I’m always taken aback by the images of wealth and poverty side by side — homemade cardboard box homes tucked into vacant storefronts, a stone’s throw away from Gucci, Burberry and Chanel. Somehow it all co-exists with itself, the beggar holding the door to a shop selling a $2,300 t-shirt. As for me, I am unable to shake my pain at seeing a person in need of shoes, a warm coat, a hug, alongside so much opulence. (more…)


Thank you!

Autumn is a time for harvesting, for giving thanks.  In that spirit I wish to thank each and every one of you who came out to celebrate our 11th birthday.  We had an fun day offering our services to you in appreciation and gratitude for your support.  Many of you thanked me for the free classes and acupuncture we offered on our birthday.  For us the day was really about celebrating and gifting you!  Your support means that we get to continue our mission of serving the community —  supporting you in your healing journey.  So thanks for eleven amazing years.  We look forward to seeing you this fall and winter as you journey on your yoga mat and snooze in a recliner!   Michael

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