February 2013

New Year Resolutions Revisited

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If you’re like me you may have noticed that the gray days of February have finally had an impact on those previously bright and shiny resolutions of the new year.  That original intention that seemed so clear, so strong, seems less so on this cold cloudy morning, and the motivation that felt so effortless is suddenly an enormous weight of entropy pulling you back under the covers.  Fear not, it just means it is time to readjust your original motivation. Read More »New Year Resolutions Revisited

Kindness is Infectious

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Last week I bumped into a car while backing out of my parking stall in a downtown lot.  That familiar feeling in my gut was immediate, as was the monologue in my brain wondering how I could have been so dumb.  I reluctantly emerged from my vehicle to inspect the damage and to trade the customary info, imagining how my insurance rates were going to take a jump.  We both met at the site of the injury, a smallish 10 cm indentation in his left front fender.  I began by apologizing, not sure how I could have missed the sight of his vehicle, while he surprised me with a calm and comforting attitude, telling me not to worry.  We both stood there for a moment, wondering what to do next, until I suggested he pop open the hood.  I reached inside the fender-well and managed to pop most of the indentation back to life, all that remained was a small 5 cm crease.  He gave me his number and asked me to call if I had any other ideas, and with that we both headed on our way.Read More »Kindness is Infectious