March 2013

Swami Muktidharma

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In 2004, the magic of New Zealand called my name, so I packed up my life here and followed that call.  At that time I had been practicing Hatha Yoga for a few years, and was eager to find a yoga retreat to immerse myself into. A series of synchronistic events lead me gracefully to Anahata Yoga Retreat. It was just as I imagined; the land was stunning, the gardens were abundant, the community was delightful, and there were daily classes in yoga and meditation. Yes! But what I wasn’t expecting to find was that this retreat center was infused with the teachings and tradition of Satyananda Yoga®. At the time I had no idea what that even meant, or how it would influence my life, but I felt at home within the practices. I quickly learned that this style of yoga goes way beyond the yoga mat.
It was there that I met Swami Muktidharma, who offered me direct guidance that altered the way I was living my life. He used to say to me “Yoga is not about being flexible in your body; it’s about flexibility of your mind.” So nearly nine years later, I am so excited that he will be visiting us at Hemma on his annual world tour. I hope you have the chance to catch his workshops this May, and experience the wisdom of Satyananda Yoga®. ~KellyRead More »Swami Muktidharma