Monthly Archives: April 2013

Sunday Special Events!

A reminder that this Sunday is the day of the Times Colonist 10K running race.  If you are coming to hemma in the morning, and arriving by car, make sure to check the map on the TC 10K website to find the best route.  The runners will be coming down Moss, right by hemma!  All runners should have passed by 10-10:30 am.  After the run, drop in from 2-3pm for a restorative class designed specifically for runners which will be led by avid yogi and runner, Tracey Cook!

This Sunday also marks our 6th year offering free acupuncture in honor of International Workers Day.  The actual International Workers Day is on May 1st, May Day!  We will be offering free treatments on Sunday from 10-3.  It’s best to phone ahead and book a time, as it is often a busy day, however we will try our best to accommodate walk-ins.  If you are new to hemma its a good time to drop in, ask questions, and try us out!


Yoga for the Mind

by Swami Muktidharma

Much of the way we perceive the world and express our personality is due to the education or programming that we have received from society, our parents and all the experiences we have passed through in life.  We have been trained to strive to be somebody or something, instead of just being.  In this false process of becoming, we actually move far away from our own center of being. All the so-called education has been based on ambitions and attachments, which are usually the food for the ego. These ambitions create desires, and most desires create bondage and misery.

However, we cannot ignore the mind,  (more…)


HST is Gone..No Foolin’!

Thanks to the elimination of the HST today, our fees just went down 7%!  Beginning today all our yoga passes are 7% less, and all acupuncture fees will include tax.  We don’t think it is ever appropriate to charge any form of sales tax on a healthcare service, but we are glad that it went from 12% to 5% today.  Thanks to Christy Clark for the swell April Fools Gift!

In 2009, then premier Campbell was quoted as saying, “This is the single biggest thing we can do to improve B.C.’s economy.”  As a small business owner, I didn’t experience much improvement as a result of the change, instead, I witnessed the added burden that was placed on customers, at a time when many were already struggling to make ends meet. Perhaps this change will result in “the single biggest thing we can do to improve our economy.”

So go out an enjoy a meal at your favorite local restaurant, get your hair styled at your neighborhood salon, enjoy a yoga class, get a massage!  I know your local small business owners will appreciate your patronage, and as of today, it just got a little more affordable!