July 2014

Word of the day: COMMUNITY

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As you may know, Karin Sarnblom moved to Sweden last week to complete a 2-year Masters program. Karin has been an integral part of the Hemma community since we opened 7 years ago; as a volunteer, front desk staff, studio manager, and an extraordinary Yoga teacher and community leader. We are very proud of her taking her next step, and will miss her immensely – we already do! Here is a message from Karin to YOU.

Word of the day: COMMUNITY. 

The hemma community is where I have grown not only my skills as a yoga teacher but also as a human being. I will miss you all and wish you well on the path.

With infinite tenderness and gratitude,


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6 reasons every paddler should practice yoga

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MEC Paddlefest is happening on Saturday July 12th at Willows Beach. This is a great chance to find gear and tips for SUP, kayaking and canoeing, meet fellow paddlers, and demo anything that floats. Hemma teacher, Tracey Cook, will also be offering two FREE YOGA CLASSES for paddlers at 10am and 2pm. Check it out! www.mec.ca/paddlefest


6 Reasons Every Paddler Should Practice Yoga
by Tracey Cook

1. Pre-hab!
Sad but true — lower back, shoulder and wrist injuries bring down
many a paddler. Injuries can stem both from poor technique, and
from instability or tightness in key paddling muscles. Yoga can help.Read More »6 reasons every paddler should practice yoga