December 2014

Volunteering with Al…cont.

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Please make a special effort to bring in socks this week!  On saturday we are putting together sock gifts to distribute during the holidays — socks with a variety of gifts and treats inside.  We will be meeting up at hemma on Saturday at 1:00 to assemble if you would like to help out.

I was out again this morning with Reverend Al, a very windy rainy morning.  It’s funny how you think about the weather differently when you live indoors — you notice the rain coming down, but you don’t feel it.  Again I was surprised by the number of people who appeared at the various stops we made.  While I was a useful set of hands when it came to handing out coffee, donuts, and warm dry clothing, I was also aware that I was a “newbie” within the street community.Read More »Volunteering with Al…cont.