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Happy New Year!

Sit down in a quiet place, close your eyes, and breathe. Amongst the stillness, you may notice an edginess in your body, perhaps a feeling of nervous tension residing in the heart or belly regions from an unknown origin, like after having consumed a strong coffee on an empty stomach. I can feel it myself when I am still, and I see it in the people who come in the clinic each day. An underlying stress that permeates our shared field of experience. Sometimes it feels as if this field compels us toward fear and insecurity, and when that happens, we withdraw from one another and even ourselves in a way. And yet, in my daily experience of practicing in my clinic — sharing this healing space with others as they rest together in lazy-boy recliners — what I notice is that it is in connection that these feelings of fear, worry,  and anxiety are quieted. I mention all this because I believe that we must work to overcome this tendency to withdraw — to think of others as being outside our sphere of concern.

Like a muscle that requires constant exercise, lest it atrophy, we must exercise the spirit of love, compassion, and care. We are so lucky to have such a dedicated, and compassionate community of people at Hemma and our neighbourhood of Fairfield. People who are quick to bring in hats, and coats, and warm blankets for people in need within our own neighbourhoods, and at the same time openly contribute and support the care of refugees coming to Canada from the other side of the planet. Remember that there are millions of ways to express this care, compassion, and love within your local community and the broader planet, and that the need does not end with the holiday season. Practice loving fiercely and frequently in this new year, 2016! Happy New Year!



Acupuncture – What’s it good for?

During the winter months we often see an increase in the number of patients coming in with increased anxiety and depression.  The cloudy days, longer nights, and the desire to slow down contrasted with the daily demands of our lives and responsibilities often leads to an increase in depression or angst, which may lead to a loss of self esteem, motivation, joy, and engagement with our purpose in life. Acupuncture on a regular basis can help lift these symptoms and support other methods you might be employing such as psychotherapy, exercise, yoga, diet.  The experience of acupuncture can be similar to a deep meditation — helping you to connect to Self.  Here is how one patient described it:

The acupuncture sessions at hemma have been deeply healing for me over time.  My anxiety level has reduced dramatically.  I am a far calmer and more relaxed person then when I arrived 10 months ago which is very helpful to my overall condition…acupuncture puts me into a deep meditative state which is where I  believe that powerful healing can occur.

The important thing, regardless of the practices you are using, is to be constant and regular with your self care.


Happy Holidays!

From our Hemma home to yours, we wish you all a healthy and joyous holiday season! Whatever you celebrate, and however you celebrate it, may it fill you up with joy! We take a tiny break for a few days so our amazing staff can rest with their families. We are open regular hours except for:
Thursday Dec 24th – closed at 2pm
Friday Dec 25th – closed all day
Saturday Dec 26th – closed all day
Thursday Dec 31st – closed at 2pm
Friday Jan 1st- closed all day
Saturday Jan 2nd – back to regular schedule!

Happy Holidays from the whole Hemma family!!