February 2016

Food is Love

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There are many ways to feel nourished; from food, from love, from acts of Self-care. From infancy, our nourishment from food is typically paired with our Mothers love – they are often inseperable. As we age, food made with love can satiate not only physical hunger, but also our hunger for love. Offering food to others is one of the simplest ways of offering care and support.

Pilar and her family have returned to their home in Victoria after a whirlwind pilar familyjourney of surprises. Her young daughter Tree had emergency surgery in early January to remove a brain tumour. The test results have determined that the cells were cancerous and Tree will need both radiation therapy and chemotherapy over the next year that will take them to and from Vancouver. While they are at their home-base in Victoria, we’d like to offer them meals to ease the burden of cooking.

We have started a Meal Train for Pilar, Tree, and Ocean to organize the community support. Read More »Food is Love