June 2016

Thank you for your feedback!

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Thank you, THANK YOU!

If you took the time to fill in our Yoga Survey this month, we thank you! flower brochuresReceiving your feedback is important for us to learn, grow, and serve you better here at Hemma.  We welcome your feedback always and reminder you that you don’t have to wait until the next survey if you have something to share! Congratulations to Michelle Milligan who won the Yoga Timecard draw!

Some of your feedback contributes to our long term planning for classes, events, and overall functionality of Hemma. We’d love to respond to right away to some of your feedback in the following categories:



Many of you said that you appreciate the ambiance of the studio, and its cozy homey feeling. Order, functionality, and cleanliness are important to us at Hemma and we have a dedicated team of volunteers and staff who practice Karma Yoga (the Yoga of Action) here. This means they mindfully put their energy into cleaning, organizing and contributing to the space as an extension of their Yoga practice.

Airflow in the studio is something some of you commented on and we are constantly working with it in this heritage building. We open the windows, turn on the fans and clear the air between every class. This is the room’s opportunity to breathe (fresh air in, old air out). In an effort to keep fresh air flowing, this often invites dust from the outside world. To remove the not-so-friendly-dust bunnies, we sweep the studio daily followed by mopping with an antibacterial cleaner. Our blankets, bolster covers and straps are washed on a regular basis.  We do our best to keep the space fresh and inviting for your practice and thank you for your suggestions.



Many of you commented that this is one of your favourite thing about coming to Hemma – that you can select a class style or time that aligns with your Read More »Thank you for your feedback!