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Beat the Blues

November has arrived and with it comes big pots of soup, rain, crisp mornings, grey skies, a slower pace, and – for some – unexpected emotions like sadness and depression can settle in with the clouds, especially if you experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD). First of all, we’d like to say that “beat the blues” is a catchy title, but it’s not fair to expect that the blues is something you can necessarily “beat”, cure, or fix. Your blueprint is unique to you. Your family history, lifestyle, and chemical make up in the brain can all contribute feelings that are beyond your control. If you feel down, it’s okay. As a society, we are still learning to walk alongside mental imbalance and illness – whether that’s meeting our own states of imbalance, or trying (more…)


Hemma’s 10th Birthday – October 15th!

A decade of serving YOU, our vibrant community, with Yoga and Acupuncture deserves a celebration! We wouldn’t be here without you and your dedication to practice and self-care. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm.

October 15th – CELEBRATE!
Join us for our birthday party with vegan chocolate cake, door prizes, hugs, sales and free yoga and acupuncture!!

FREE Yoga classes (view schedule)
FREE Acupuncture from 9am-5pm*all Acupuncture appointments are currently booked. Give us a call to be added to the waitlist or try your luck and drop in that day!  If you are new to our clinic and weren’t able to book in, give us a call to make your first appointment between October 16th -22nd and your treatment is on us!

October 10th-15th – SALES!

$85 for 5 Acupuncture Treatments
$100+gst for 10 Yoga Class Pass
10% off everything in the store (if you have been eyeing up a bolster, mala, pair of socks, or book, now is the time!)

Plus… from October 1st-31st you can play BIRTHDAY BINGO! It’s easy, fun, and you can win great prizes. Read more here or ask for details at the front desk.


celebrating a decade of service


A business, like a child, takes on a life of its own once born. You start with a vision or an intention, but after that, an unpredictable path ensues. How it grows and the direction it takes is deeply influenced by the people who walk through the door each day and interact with each other. Hemma was born in the fall of 2007, after many months of planning and hard work. The home of yoga and acupuncture, hemma, was envisioned as a community centre dedicated to health, to healing, and to the principles of inclusivity, accessibility, and affordability. Over the past 10 years, thanks to the contributions of so many people — teachers, students, acupuncturists, patients, volunteers, staff, and neighbours, I’d say we have all collectively achieved our vision.

From the depths of my heart, I feel an eternal gratitude towards everyone who has and continues to support our mission. As long as there is a need for care, comfort, and community, I hope we will be around to serve you.