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Holiday Adventures and New Year Resolutions

My kids are at the age where they are starting to do their own thing for Christmas so this year my partner and I found ourselves kid free and with the opportunity to create some new holiday traditions.  After some consideration we chose solitude — a quiet, cozy, off the grid cabin 50 kilometres from the nearest town.  

We arrived on Christmas Eve, snow lightly falling as we wound our way up the narrow roadway, barely enough clearance for our little car.  The little cabin, perched on a hill, looking out at pine trees and sage brush as far as the eye could see. Inside was a perfect little cabin, everything one would need all in one small space.  We lit a fire, unpacked our things, and settled into a two day holiday in the high desert.  With no wifi, T.V., radio, and barely a cell signal we were content to read books, play instruments, cook, build fires.   Interspersed with these activities was boredom, blissful peaceful moments of nothingness.  (more…)



Thank you for all your contributions  towards our annual blanket drive. We’ve collected 205 items this year!  All your donations are much needed and put to immediate use.  Keep in mind that spring is still some months off.  Often donations of warm clothing and bedding are of greater need after the holidays when donations start to shrink.  The Dandelion Society and Our Place welcome donations year around!


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