February 2019

Spring Into Practice!

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Sutra 1.14 from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras:
First, you have to practice for a long period of time; second, your practice must not be interrupted—you must do it regularly; and third, you must do your practice with love and respect.

The annual 30 days of Practice at Hemma begins on Friday, March 1st. The timing is perfect, as spring is starting to arrive and the winter begins to fade away. During the different seasons, we naturally respond to the rhythms of nature. In the winter we turn inwards, slow down and are more introspective. When the snow starts to melt and the cold begins to fade, we start to come outside and look around. We begin to notice the new growth and life around us and feel how it affects us.

No matter what your practice is, it is always a practice. Meaning that it requires the actual “doing” of it, in order to see and experience the results or gain information from it. As we begin to emerge from our hibernation, it is natural to revisit this practice of yoga in our lives. Why do I practice? Am I growing and learning within the practice? Does it challenge me on different levels, or has it become rote and boring? Do I just check out during practice and wait for it to be over, or am I actually present? Is my yoga practice just one more thing I have to do, to check off my list or feel guilty about not doing? (As if we don’t have enough of those things in our lives!)Read More »Spring Into Practice!