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30 Days Of practice

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Why is it that the things that are the most beneficial, the most inspiring and life giving, are often the most difficult to maintain within our daily lives? I was thinking about this a few weeks ago while attending a group singing circle. I was sitting in circle and suddenly I felt a deep connection to myself, everyone in the room, and all the many humans who had sat together in circle sharing their voices. A simple yet profound practice of being together, sharing our voices. In that moment, I could see so clearly why community is so important — why practice is so important.  

Maybe in the chaotic fullness of our lives, practice feels like a privilege, an indulgence — especially in a time where we are witness to so much suffering in the world, when there seems like there are so many more important concerns demanding our attention.  

In these moments, I believe it is important to remember that your practice is what grounds you in times of struggle and imbalance. It’s the thing that connects you to your essence, and empowers you to move in the world in a way that can best serve yourself and others. 

Remember, too, that practicing with others is a way of connecting that is affirming and supportive of one another — something we could use a whole lot more of right now.  

Together we fly!