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Support for 30 Days of Practice

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30 Days of Practice has begun! Are you with us?!

A few years ago, we wanted to create a way to encourage a daily practice that was accessible and inclusive while drawing on the support of community. Out of this desire 30 Days of Practice was born. We are excited to embark on this journey again! It’s free to participate and all practice counts. This could be what you do at hemma, at home, or out in the community. It’s not limited to a movement based or asana class; it could be starting or reviving a daily meditation practice. Or maybe you want to start a daily practice of writing, singing, dancing, or kindness. Yoga is whatever we do with full presence and awareness, welcome your creativity.

One of the most exciting parts of this month is the collective energy behind it yogaathomeall. Each person’s motivation for joining is unique to them, but the intention to practice daily is shared. If you are practicing at home, know that others are tuning into their practice at home too. To support your home practice, you can help yourself to the articles in the resource binder at Hemma. Here are a few to support you this month:
This site has hundreds of free online classes of Yoga and meditation. Founded by former Hemma teahcer David Procyshyn, you will also find many local instructors on this site!

The Beginner’s Guide to Home Practice

How to Build a Home Practice

Tips to Establish a Daily Mediation Practice

Headspace – 1o minute meditations for 10 days for free.