Your Health Is Our Priority

At Hemma your health and well-being is always our priority. We are committed to maintaining a space where we can balance the needs of individuals requiring care with the need to continue to limit the spread of COVID-19. We want to let you know about the extra steps of care we are taking and to offer you guidance on safe practices when visiting Hemma. 

We want to continue to provide you with a safe and helpful place to come, especially during stressful times. Managing stress and keeping our immune response strong are some of the best ways to maintain optimal health. 

We are now providing private acupuncture for individuals and pods in our separate smaller room. This options works well for those who are immune-compromised, unable to wear masks, or uncomfortable receiving acupuncture in our larger community acupuncture room. Please call 250.294.0434 or email us to book your private session!

What You Can Do

All patients must self-assess for symptoms of the common cold, influenza, or COVID-19 prior to entering the clinic. Anyone in a high risk category may wish to seek alternative care or private treatment. Here is a Self- Assessment Tool that you can use prior to your appointment if you are unsure. Please note if you have symptoms do not come in for treatment, instead please call 8-1-1 or contact your local health authority.

Be mindful of others when you’re moving through the space and maintain social distancing. Follow the seating and floor markers as you navigate the clinic.

Come on time for your appointment – no more than 5 minutes early. There are 10-15 minute buffers between all appointments to allow for cleaning between appointments as well as decreased traffic flow.

The use of masks while visiting Hemma is now required. Please plan to bring a mask with you. We also have disposable masks available for sale for a nominal fee if you need to purchase one. If you’re not able to wear one for health reasons please inform us when booking or upon arrival.

Please limit the number of belongings you bring to the clinic. Come wearing the clothing necessary for treatment.

In order to help us reduce laundry please consider bringing your own blanket.

Wash hands with soap for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer upon arrival and before departure of the clinic. Minimize or avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

Book your appointments online or over the phone if our reception team is helping other patients.

Keep your body healthy by eating well, resting well, and keeping up with practices that keep you calm and boost your immunity.

What We Are Doing

All practitioners and staff are self-assessing each day and staying home to rest and self-isolate if they experience any symptoms of the common cold, influenza, or COVID-19.

We have redesigned our facility to allow for proper social distancing:

  • The clinic has moved into the larger studio room to allow for proper social distancing and added ventilation.
  • The reception area has been rearranged and partitions have been installed at our front desk.
  • Floor and seating markers have been placed at reception and near the washroom to make it easy to navigate where to stand or sit while respecting physical distancing.
  • We have added several hand sanitizing stations throughout the space. Please sanitize your hands upon arrival and before departure of the clinic.

We have implemented additional cleaning protocols:

  • We use cleaning products designed for disinfection and broad-spectrum sanitization.
  • Practitioners and desk staff follow a cleaning schedule to ensure that all surfaces are sprayed and wiped down multiple times a day.
  • In addition to increased frequency of cleaning – chairs, surfaces and linens are sanitized and laundered after each appointment.

Our response is evolving based on the most recent information provided by the Public Health Officer of BC. Please revisit this information for updates.

Here are a few helpful and important links:

BC Centre for Disease Control 

Health Link BC