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Your Health Is Our Priority

At Hemma your health and well-being is always our priority. We are committed to maintaining a space where we can balance the needs of individuals requiring care with the need to continue to limit the spread of COVID-19. We want to let you know about the extra steps of care we are taking and to offer you guidance on safe practices when visiting Hemma. 

We want to continue to provide you with a safe and helpful place to come, especially during stressful times. Managing stress and keeping our immune response strong are some of the best ways to maintain optimal health. 

What You Can Do

Please stay home or seek medical attention by phoning 811 if you are experiencing common cold or flu symptoms.

The use of masks while visiting Hemma is now optional. as per Provincial Health guidelines.
You are welcome to wear a mask while receiving treatment.

Keep your body healthy by eating well, resting well, and keeping up with practices that keep you calm and boost your immunity.

What We Are Doing

All practitioners and staff are self-assessing each day and staying home to rest and self-isolate if they experience any symptoms of the common cold, influenza, or COVID-19.

We have redesigned our facility:

  • The clinic has increased the space between recliner chairs to allow for greater social distancing.
  • We operate an air filter system in the space.
  • We have added several hand sanitizing stations throughout the space. Please sanitize your hands upon arrival and before departure of the clinic.

We have implemented additional cleaning protocols:

  • We use cleaning products designed for┬ádisinfection and broad-spectrum sanitization.
  • Practitioners and desk staff follow a cleaning schedule to ensure that all surfaces are sprayed and wiped down multiple times a day.

Our response is evolving based on the most recent information provided by the Public Health Officer of BC. Please revisit this information for updates.

Here are a few helpful and important links:

BC Centre for Disease Control 

Health Link BC