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Our Space

The idea of hemma began with a vision to create a community health and wellness centre that was affordable and accessible to people of all ages and all walks of life.

We also wanted to create a place where we love to come to work. Every day. And we do! For most of us, coming home often marks the best part of the day; hemma  is premised upon the idea of home – a place to kick off your shoes, rest with a cup of tea and a cookie, enjoy solitude, and connect with yourself and others.

Our space is situated on street level. The door does not have an automatic opener, but there is always someone who can assist you the door if needed.

The entire space is wheelchair accessible. The clinic has 10 comfy lazy-boy recliners, one is a lift chair, and we can also treat folks in their wheelchair if they prefer. We can usually assist with transfer from wheelchair to recliner, please inquire before arriving if possible.

We have 1 washroom, which is not wheelchair accessible, though we have a neighbour business across the street that can provide one if needed.

We aim to keep hemma as scent neutral as possible, while maintaining our inclusivity of all people from all walks of life.