Our Store


Our store is filled with goodies to inspire, support and encourage your practice and journey. Here is a snapshot of our selection.



Halfmoon is a Vancouver-based company that has been supplying handcrafted yoga and meditation props since 1999. Their Studio Mat is a classic, and comes in a variety of colors, even in a tall & wide size. We also carry their ultralight Travel Mat and thicker Dual Practice Mat, and super grippy 100% rubber B mats. Other accessories we carry are  rectangular and cylindrical bolsters, organic cotton straps, 4″ foam or cork blocks, massage balls, and silk eye pillows filled with sweet smelling lavender to enhance your Savasana experience.

mat bags2YOGA MAT BAGS

Our mat bags are designed by Alchemy Ec0-Fashions and ethically made in India from recycled 100% silk-brocade saris. They are roomy enough for any mat, have a zipper or drawstring opening, a handy pocket and adjustable strap.

MAT SPRAYmat spray

The same mat spray as the one we use in the studio —  Nezza Naturals‘ organic handmade cleaner with Eucalyptus and Cedarwood essential oils. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and wonderful smelling.


Nothing beats inspiration like a good book. Come browse our book section at your leisure! New titles monthly. Yoga, Ayurveda, herbalism, cooking, self-help, colouring, anatomy, lifestyle, fiction, inspiration, and so much more!


The malas by Shanti Collective are created in Victoria by Rachel Hurst. Made from Rudraksha beads, sandalwood and gemstones, these are made with love and intention, to connect you to your higher self and calling.


Joy-a-toes are fabulous toe spreaders you can use in your practice to bring awareness to the tips of your toes – balancing the myofascia and supporting the joints of the foot. They come in pairs, and in two sizes, Small and Large. Begin by wearing the Small ones when sitting or practicing your asanas, then move on to Large ones as your toes spread.


We love cozy, beautiful and colorful things, and when they are also unique and made from recycled material, be sure we’ll be all over it. Made in the States with recycled cotton yarn, Solmate socks are the fun, patterned, mismatched, carpe diem infused socks to wear with a smile. “Life’s too short for matching socks!” Watch for their arrival on our shelves when the weather gets cool!


Smoking Lily handcrafted goods are made by a group of talented local women who design, sew and silk screen their creations right here in their Victoria studio. Smoking Lily tries to buy most of their supplies locally; use non-toxic ink; work with bamboo, leftover and vintage fabrics; and strive to have zero fabric waste. Comfortable, stylish, and uniquely recognizable as Smoking Lily, you will cherish each piece for a long time.

TINCTURES New tinctures!

The Twig + Stone Botanical Medicine collection of ready-made tinctures addresses common maladies and help to anchor, steady and build resilience within you. The creation of these medicines are an invitation to bring the power, beauty and wildness of plant medicines into your life.

Please contact Rebecca Singer, RHT, with any questions regarding her products – rebecca@twigstonemedicine.com


We carry herbal supplements from Health Concerns, as well as Moxa heat packs, Yunnan Baiyao patches, and Gutong tiegao patches. Please ask your acupuncturist for recommendations on what would be best for you.


China Gel is a topical pain reliever that incorporates modern technology with ancient pain relieving concepts of Chinese medicine helping to relieve muscle and joint pain and enhance healing. It contains 7 herbal ingredients (menthol, camphor, lavender, angelica, ginseng, aloe vera and witch hazel).


Dr Cohen’s AcuBalls are great at deep tissue massage for muscles and joints. We carry the regular size acuball, which has different size precision acupressure point nibs and is heatable by micro-wave or in boiling water. Latex free and hypo-allergenic.


We know you can get low blood sugar after your class or treatment, so love offering sweet treats and healthy refreshments, which is why you will find Gulf Island made Denman Island Chocolate and Hornby Island Energy Bars, as well as Kombucha and Coconut water in the fridge.

For inquiries about special orders, selection, stock and prices, please drop by Hemma or call us at 250-294-0434.