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Acupuncture in the New Year!

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Happy New Year Everyone!

Beginning in January we will be making a few adjustments to our acupuncture schedule. Michael will be back to his schedule of MWF from 9-2, (note last appointment at 1), Daphne will be working on Tuesday/Thursday from 12-5 (last appointment at 4) and Saturday from 10-3 (last appointment at 2).  We are trying out the new hours on Tuesday/Thursday, so let us know what your preference is.  Steve is cutting back to take on a clinic supervisor role at the Pacific Rim College and will be working Wednesday and Friday from 2-7 (last appointment at 6).

I hope to have someone covering the Monday night shift soon!  But at least for the next few weeks we won’t be able to offer treatments during the Monday evening shift.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

We hope to have our on-line booking up and running this month and will keep you posted.  This will enable you to see available appointments and to book yourself in!

We are always eager to hear your thoughts, ideas, and experiences at hemma and with that in mind, we are planning a customer survey in the near future to help us gain some understanding about how we can better serve you!  We hope you will participate!

Best Wishes,