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Acupuncture News

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Hi everyone.  As you may have noticed we have had some scheduling changes over the past month that may have caught you by surprise.  Feo recently joined our team as Aaron is soon departing for Nelson.  We are excited to have Feo and are already missing Aaron! Along with staffing changes, Melissa’s father has been in hospital over on the mainland. She has been going back and fourth from the island to care for him, and as a result, has had to miss some of her shifts. Please keep her and her Dad in your thoughts and prayers over the coming weeks.

We are always updating the schedule on pocapoint, our booking calendar, if you’re curious about who is working any given day.  We also want to remind you that regardless of who is in the clinic we work as a team here at hemma, striving to provide caring, consistent, and  effective care 7 days a week.  Remember that although you may have a favourite practitioner, it’s you and your body that do the healing.  Which means you can benefit from a treatment no matter which of our acupuncturists is providing it!  Thank you for your commitment to health, community, and for all your support.