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Our Clinic

At Hemma Community Acupuncture  we provide high quality acupuncture at affordable rates ($25-45 you decide) in a supportive community setting. Our Acupuncturists have more than 40+ years combined experience, and have given more than 100,000 treatments in our clinic since opening in 2007.  We are delighted that you are interested in joining us!

Community Acupuncture User Guide
Useful and Helpful information to read prior to your first visit.

 Community Acupuncture Brochure
All about our clinic and what we offer.

Statement of Inclusivity and Ethics:

Hemma Community Acupuncture strives to create trauma informed care in a safe and comfortable environment for all members of our community. We welcome people of all genders, sexes, races, colours, incomes, national origins, ages, abilities or disabilities, marital statuses, familial situations, religions, sizes and shapes, sexual orientations, and political beliefs. Your level of care will never be based on any of these factors.

We acknowledge that systemic barriers can impact a person’s ability to access our services. We strive to anticipate and address these barriers, and also welcome your feedback – we are committed to continually adapting our offerings and practices so that they are as accessible as possible.