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august updates…

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The month of July went by rather quickly, interspersed with downtime, home renovations, and more moving.  On July 31 Kai – one of our favourite desk staff of all time – moved across the water to Vancouver where he will be attending art school in the Fall.  So many changes and transitions have marked this summer.  

Last week I started the renovations at our new clinic space.  I’ve been missing my work in the clinic a lot, even though I have enjoyed the rest time.  Starting work in the new space feels really good.  The space itself has a nice feel to it. The neighbourhood itself has a really nice quiet community feel to it, there is a wonderful coffee shop, a couple of barber shops, and a sweet little general store.  Over the next few weeks I will be completing the renos and moving the new recliners into place!  Looks like we will be able to fit at least 9 chairs into the spacious room. 

I am really happy to be collaborating with my friends Malcolm and Melanie.  They have really welcomed us into the space and have been a part of the community there for several years offering their awesome services through their centre u-retreat.  I think we will make a great team together.  We all look forward to seeing you in the new space as summer wains and autumn arrives.  You can book an appointment for September now! Thank you for your patience as we get resettled, and thank you for your ongoing support.