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Rather than reaching out for the usual tennis balls, foam rollers, hot water bottles, and flax seed packs, consider trying out the new blue massage balls adorning our shelves. We have had the traditional Halfmoon set of two spikey balls for some time, but are excited to add Acuballs to our assortment! They were designed by Chiropractor and Acupuncturist Dr Michael Cohen to “empower yourself to heal” – anywhere.

There are countless ways to use massage balls and I encourage you to look up Dr Cohen’s website or ask your acupuncturist about how you could use them to find release – and relief. The balls are covered in bumps designed to trigger various acupressure points. There are smaller tight ones on the bottom of the ball – for the face, temples, and scalp – and bigger ones on the rest of the ball for larger muscles – back, hips, legs, and neck. The balls are sold individually; the groove along the middle allows you to use a single one along your spine and neck to release tight vertebrae. Our favourite feature is that they can be heated – either in the microwave (50 seconds) or in boiling water (10 minutes). It feels like heaven!

Incorporate it in your work-out routine, your self-massage time, or use it while you are sitting at your desk at work – it feels fabulous under the feet or along the spine. Work with it, roll with it, sleep with it, travel with it… Relieve your pain, and heal, naturally.

For more specific examples of exercises you can do with spikey balls, follow this link.