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Begin again

To all the former and present staff, teachers, acupuncturists, volunteers, and customers you have been in my thoughts frequently over these past weeks and months. I hope you have all managed to find some grace as you have navigated these difficult times. TO me it feels like it has been a master-class on self acceptance, learning how to let go, and live in the moment.  I personally have grieved much over the loss and changes, and yet I also understand deeply how loss and change are apart of life.   

With all that said, it is with a mixture of hope, uncertainty, commitment, and desire, that we are doing what we can to re-open again and try and rebuild and maintain our community health space. Beginning in June we will begin again, at first offering acupuncture only. (It’s interesting to note that when we first opened yoga was the first to start, with the clinic opening a month after.)  I believe that acupuncture will be the easiest to offer given that we can space the arrival of people and allow for proper social distancing.  For now I have moved the clinic into the yoga room so there is lots of space between chairs.  We will start with shortened hours and seeing 4 patients per hour, adding more hours over the coming weeks. There is a lot to navigate between responding to the current health crisis and the changes in our business structure.  

We really look forward to seeing you soon and to serving you.  Thank you for you ongoing support.  

With great appreciation,