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No Place Like Home

Fall is the season of turning inward, of slowing down, and of establishing new routines. As we round the corner to our tenth year in business, we are excited to offer you a new Yoga pass option to support your Yoga habits! Hemma means home, and over the last decade of welcoming you for Yoga and Acupuncture, many of you have truly made Hemma your home away from home. (We love this!) For our Yoga students who spend a lot of time here, the new no-place-like-home membership is $99/month and offers you unlimited access to our 35+ classes per week. This pass requires an initial 4 month commitment and since you are charged automatically each month, you don’t have to worry about topping up your pass. If you’ve been wanting to get back to the mat, purchase your pass online and we’ll see you soon!


Hear why students love practicing at Hemma!

What makes yoga special at Hemma? Great teachers, wonderful community, sliding scale, a wide variety of classes and of course tea and cookies! Come celebrate the benefits of this ancient practice with us. Thanks to Tom at Front Range Films and everyone who participated in the making!  Please feel free to share it far and wide!


Yoga keeps you Cool

LIMES photo by hoach le dinhWith the recent heat wave we’ve had in Victoria, it finally feels like Summer! While this extra sun is exciting, it can also lead to excess heat and sometimes imbalance in both mind and body. According to Ayurveda, the sister science to Yoga, our inner and outer worlds are ruled by the elements. In Summer, there is typically an increase in the fire element (Pitta). In excess, this can contribute to fiery qualities in the mind (anger, impatience, irritability, competitive, judgemental) or the body (inflammation, rashes, heartburn, excess body heat). During hot weather, if you adjust your lifestyle, food choices, and even Yoga practice, you can support yourself to feel more calm, cool, and balanced. A few tips:

PLAYApproach all Yoga practice, sports, and Summer activities with a playful, non-competitive heart. If your Yoga practice is vigorous and heat-building, approach with with kindness and soften the need to get it “just right”.

SLOW DOWN. Spend time each week (or day!) in slow motion. Gentle practices such as Restorative, Yin, and meditation are grounding, cooling, and nurturing for the nervous system.

TWIST IT UP. Add at least one twist to your (more…)