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Cycling for your Health

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Bike To Work Week (May 25-31, 2015) is a B.C.-wide series of events designed to bring the joy of cycling to workers’ daily commutes. It means life as usual for some, and for others it is a gentle reminder to dust off or replace helmets, lube chains and inflate tires for the summer season.

Cycling is a fun activity, as well as an economically, environmentally conscious and responsible activity to engage in as a citizen (think One Less Car!); it is also GOOD FOR YOU! Indeed, cycling tones the muscles (especially quads, hamstrings, glutes), improves your cardiovascular fitness, strengthens the immune system and mental health – it reduces stress, weight gain, and impact on your joints – and it adds smiles to your face, years to your life, and enjoyment to your daily commutes!

Cycling for long distances however can be taxing on postural alignment and overdevelop the hips. Cross training with Yoga can help cyclists keep their muscles flexible and consequently be less prone to injury due to tightness. To get the most benefit out of your Yoga practice, focus on aligning your spine, releasing your hamstrings, quadriceps and hips, and strengthening your core.

Scientific research on Acupuncture has shown that needles used in accordance to Traditional Chinese Medicine reduce pain by decreasing inflammation, bruising and swelling, and improve blood circulation. Most amazingly, acupuncture can also boost your performance and speed on your bike. It also speeds healing and recovery; for example it quickens your heart rate recovery after an effort. For an interesting discussion read this article.

Ride safely, and have fun!