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Deep Rest

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Over the years working in the clinic I have learned that regardless of a persons health concerns, one of the most important contributors to health and well-being is Rest – Deep Rest –for the mind, body, and spirit.  Rest is the state our bodies need to digest, repair, mend, and heal. Unfortunately for many of us, rest is an increasingly scarce experience, despite the notion that Summer is restful time of the year.

Deep Rest only happens when you consciously rest.  Different from sleep, deep rest can be cultivated with the help of acupuncture, meditation, lying in shavasana.  Acupuncture helps by inducing a deep state of relaxation, making it easier to rest and quiet the brain.

Resting doesn’t always come easy, there are often a million things rattling around in our brains at any given moment — the grocery list, the argument we had with our friend, the school assignment, work tasks, the news, etc.  Yet, when we take time out to Rest Deeply, our bodies and minds have a chance to catch-up, to heal.  As a result we feel better, we perform better, and we are just more fun to be around!  So remember to make rest a priority in your life this summer!