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Early Bird Yoga and the Worms We Catch

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We’ve heard this cliche a million times “the early bird gets the worm”, or as it was originally stated by John Ray in 1670 “the early bird catcheth the worm.” There are many scenarios where this nugget is applicable, however what worm are we really catching when we drag ourselves out of bed in the cold, dark hours of the morning for our early bird yoga class….

Worm #1: More energy than a triple shot americano
Oxygen is the most vital nutrient for our bodies. Starting our day with deep, yoga breathing feeds the body with more than it’s regular dose of oxygen; allowing for the production of more ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), the chemical basis of energy production in the body. More oxygen = more ATP = more energy. This energy boost isn’t limited to the duration of the class, but lasts throughout the day. As it turns out our deep breathing increases the elasticity of our lungs and rib cage lending to a greater breathing capacity and hence a greater intake of oxygen.

Worm #2: A mind that is calm, clear and focused
The brain demands at least 20% of the body’s oxygen supply, so when we cultivate our yoga breath we are increasing the amount of oxygen sent to the brain. This allows the brain to function more efficiently; heightening concentration, alertness and memory; and because the brain is the control centre for the rest of the body, we experience this increased sharpness and efficiency across all of our body systems.

Worm #3: A kickstart to your metabolism
Twists, forward folds, back bends, you name it…any and all yoga is going to positively affect our metabolism…so why not kickstart it early. Whether it’s building our muscle by holding Warrior II a few breaths longer than comfortable, or strengthening our digestive organs, by engaging uddiyana bandha; the body and all of it’s systems are being stimulated and revitalized, giving us optimal functionality. So go ahead, enjoy that big breakfast after class, guilt-free.

Worm #4: The ‘yoga glow’ inside and out
Through our practice we have rejuvenated the whole body; improving circulation, digestion, respiration,excretion…thelistgoeson. Asweareaware,whattranspiresontheinsideisreflected on the outside, hence the glow of our post-yoga skin suit. Why not cultivate this inner/outer glow first thing in the morning and share our lighter, brighter selves with the world.

Worm #5: A night off
For the rest of the day you’ll be beaming, and the fact that you’ve just bought yourself a night off to spend time with those who matter most, doing what matters most, can be the cherry on top.

Our time is valuable, so instead of hitting that snooze button why not hit the mat and be the early bird that catcheth the worm.

See you on the mat!