We host regular workshops, specialty classes, and events to deepen your practice in a community setting. Payment is required at the time of registration and GST will be added to the price. We often require a minimum number of participants to run a workshop, so if you are considering attending, please register one week prior to avoid disappointment.

Yoga 4 Youth – Fall Session
Ages 10-15
8 week series with Cara Calibaba
Wednesdays at 3:45-4:45pm
September 12th – October 31st

Yoga 4 Youth is a flowing, heart-centered class which encourages tweens to develop strength, flexibility, focus and a sense of oneness. Our peaceful studio setting will allow participants to feel nourished and supported by the use of a variety of yoga props. Each YOUth participant will explore breath work, mindfulness techniques, and basic Yoga Philosophy. This practice is perfect for young individuals that are looking to release stress and improve physical wellness. We look forward to sharing the sacred science of yoga with YOUth.

*Beginners welcome, no prior yoga experience necessary*

Investment: Sliding Scale $100-$135

About Cara: Cara Calibaba is a certified BC teacher and the creator of Enlighten Through her work in Yoga, Meditation & Dance, she has developed a passion for creating grounding and cathartic experiences for children of all ages and abilities.


Tuning In: Self Care for Mental Health
with Madison Kolla
Sunday, September 23rd 2:00-4:00pm

As we enter Autumn, we are naturally drawn inward, towards self-reflection and introspection. In Chinese Medicine, this season marks a shift in the yearly cycle to the time of decline and decay, of letting go and grief. As the days become shorter and darker, this can be a challenging time for our mental health, sometimes stirring depression, sadness and lack of motivation. Join Madison for an afternoon of self-care as we explore practices such as written inquiry, self-compassion, and mindful awareness – as we turn inward and learn to support ourselves.

In this two hour workshop, we will entertain the possibility that mental “unwellness” can be an opportunity to know ourselves in our entirety, and with less resistance to the experiences that shape us. By understanding that we, like everything else in the natural world, must move through cycles of inspiration, growth, then dormancy, we can better accept ourselves no matter what phase we might currently be in.

Madison is an acupuncturist and yogi with lived experience of mental illness and extreme states. She strives to empower individuals to put into practice the therapies that best support their own bodies and experiences.

Please wear clothing suitable for seated practice and bring a notepad and pen.

Investment: $30 before September 16th/ $40 after

Yoga & the Divine Feminine
6 week series with Cedar Sorensen
Sundays at 6:00-7:45pm
September 23rd – October 28th

What is the divine feminine and how can yoga help us to embrace and embody qualities the divine feminine represents? We will come together in this registered series for 6 “retreat-style” classes, with the intention of creating a safe container for exploration into the feminine aspect of the divine, as it relates to yoga. The longer classes will allow time for structured listening and sharing (sharing is always optional), and time to dive deeper into the yogic practices of pranayama, asana, mantra, visualization and meditation. We’ll take inspiration from three goddesses of yoga: Durga, Lakshmi & Saraswati. These goddesses represent qualities of fierce love, compassion, courage, generosity, abundance, wisdom and creativity. We will learn how to invoke these “energy signatures” and take home specific practices that help us to align with these deities- practices that we can use daily for guidance, inspiration and solace.

This class is open to all who are interested in exploring the feminine aspect of the divine. Space is limited so please pre register.

Investment:  $120-$160 Sliding Scale

This workshop has been cancelled, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Friday Night Kirtan
With Kelly, Tia, and Damian
Friday, September 28th at  7:30-9:00pm

Kirtan is a form of Bhakti (devotional) Yoga where community gathers to share in call-
and-response chanting, therein discovering that which unites us to each other. Most of the chants are in the ancient but timeless Sanskrit language. These sounds vibrate within the physical and subtle body, quieting the mind and purifying the heart. No experience is necessary, and song sheets are provided.

Investment: $5-$20 Sliding Scale


Yoga for Back Pain
with Nyk Danu
Saturday, September 29th at 1:00-3:30pm

Back Pain? I’ve got your back, experience the benefits of Therapeutic Yoga with a focus on the back, neck, and shoulders.

Whether you sit at a desk all day and are generally sore and tight or have a previous injury and are looking for a way to practice Yoga safely, this class is for you.

In this class, we learn the common causes of back problems, and how to use the tools of Yoga Therapy to help relieve pain and maintain back health. Special attention will be given to stretching and strengthening all the muscles that support the back including the core. Breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and self-massage will be used to aid the mind/body in letting go of excess tension and promote healing. This workshop includes a take-home Therapeutic Yoga practice sheet to support home practice.

Please note:
This workshop is NOT suitable for those in acute pain or with strong scoliosis.

Space is limited so please pre-register.

Investment: $45 before September 23rd/ $55 after

Supportive Space: Community, Practice and Inquiry for Mental Health
6 Week Series with Madison Kolla
Wednesdays at 7:15 – 8:30pm
October 3rd – November 7th

We all struggle at times with our mental health – whether it’s balancing anxiety, agitation, and ungrounded states; or working through depression, grief, and lack of motivation. Isolation plays a significant role in mental unwellness, and the simple act of allowing ourselves to be seen and witnessed exactly where we’re at can provide powerful healing.

This group will meet for 6 weeks in the intimate setting of the acupuncture clinic. Space is limited to 10 participants only in order to create an intimate and supportive community for mental health and wellness. Each class will include a check in around where we’re at and how that’s manifesting in our bodies, mindfulness practice to help us connect directly to our experience, discussion relating to mental health and wellness, and inquiry work to bring forward our own inner wisdom around the subject. We’ll explore basic patterns of mental health imbalance from an energetic perspective, investigate the effects of trauma on mental health and the nervous system, and work with supportive self-care strategies.

Madison is an acupuncturist and yogi with lived experience of mental illness and extreme states. She strives to empower individuals to put into practice the therapies that best support their own bodies and experiences.

Please wear comfortable clothing for seated practice and bring a notepad and pen.

Investment: Sliding Scale $135-$165 sliding scale. Space is limited so please register early.

Tensegrity Repair Series
6 week series with Janet Wallden
October 11th- November 15th
Thursday’s at 7:45-9:00pm

Understand the key importance of “our core awareness” and how it plays into your overall physical health with the Tensegrity Repair series. In this series, you will learn how to develop a vital understanding of a healthier internal connection to your core. The Tensegrity repair series is a sequence of movements specially designed to break down long held internal stress adhesion, hydrate the joints, smooth out connective tissue (fascia) and bring more flexibility to your body. These simple, yet challenging movements will allow for a more peaceful sense of ease through your whole inner and outer physical body.

With over 25 years as a student and teacher of Yoga, Pilates, and the Tensegrity Repair Series, Janet will share her own experience of how transformational it has been for her life and overall health. By learning the series you’ll gain more knowledge of how to move your body and be able to incorporate the movements into your own bodies intelligence.

Investment: $80-$100 Sliding Scale

Candlelit Yoga and Meditation
With Kelly Yaskiw
Friday, October 12th at 7:00-8:30pm

Nourish your nervous system with this grounding candlelit practice. Kelly will lead you through 90 minutes of gentle yoga postures, yoga nidra, pranayama, meditation, and mantra designed to calm your mind and body. This class will offer you an opportunity to slow down, be still, and listen to your internal wisdom. The practices are beginner friendly and open to all.

Investment: $20 advance/ $30 door

Restorative Yoga and Thai Massage
with Cedar Sorensen and Coralie Charland
Sunday, October 14th at 2:00-4:00 pm

Cultivate deep relaxation through the combined therapeutic power of Restorative Yoga, Thai massage & a Loving-Kindness practice. During this special 2-hour class, while being guided through a series of relaxing, restorative yoga poses, you will receive Thai massage. The combination of yoga and massage allows you to let go of deep tension, breathe more deeply, and almost effortlessly flow into bliss. The loving-kindness practice offers us a chance for deep self-nurturing and supports our subtle body. This combination will open the practitioner to experience benefits on a physical, mental and energetic level.

Wear comfortable, layered clothing and leave all your cares at the door. Class size is limited to ensure quality massage time.

Investment: $50 before October 7th / $60 after


Step-by-Step Pose Breakdown
with Jenafor Ryane and Melissa Krieger
Saturday, October 20th at 1:00-4:00 pm

Often in a drop-in class setting there isn’t time dedicated to learning the various components of each pose we practice. Join Jenafor and Melissa for a fun afternoon dedicated to breaking down several of the most commonly practiced yoga poses. Learn alignment principles, modifications, and benefits of familiar poses such as downward facing dog, half moon, pigeon and the warriors. Experience the benefit of having two teachers offer their knowledge of alignment adjustments and approaches to poses, and learn how to incorporate the wall and other props to experience the poses in a way that is most appropriate for you. Jenafor and Melissa offer this workshop at their annual retreats and like past participants, you might be surprised by all that you’re capable of! This workshop is appropriate for beginners, and welcomes long-term yogis too.

Investment: $45 before October 14/ $55 after

Refund Policy:

– If you cancel 7 days prior to the event, we can offer you a full refund or credit at Hemma.
– If you cancel within the week prior to the event, we can offer you a credit at hemma, minus a $5 administration fee.
– If you cancel the day of the event, or don’t show up for it, no refund or credit will be offered.
– It is rare that we cancel a workshop, but if we do we will give you 24 hours notice and offer you a full refund or credit at Hemma. 

Thank you for your understanding.