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Awakening the Archetypes Within is a series of experiential workshops that offers participants the opportunity to learn about and connect with the four primary archetypes essential to living a fulfilling, creative and meaningful life.
Weaving together Jungian depth psychology and pan-cultural methods for accessing the archetypal imagination, these workshops will act as an initiation into a deep and lasting relationship with soul.

Each session will focus on a key archetype — its qualities, gifts and shadow aspects — and provide suggestions on how to develop its potentials through daily practice and ritual.The heart of the workshop is the Soul Journey, where you’ll have the opportunity to make contact with the archetype in the deep imagination. Utilizing pan-cultural techniques of ecstasy — music, chanting, breath, drumming — we descend into the depths of the archetypal psyche to make contact with the archetypes as they uniquely appear to us.“Active imagination is to be understood as a way or method, to heal, raise and transform the personality.” — Carl Jung, ETH LecturesParticipation in all four workshops is recommended but not required.

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Community Counselling 

Beginning April 30 on Tuesday evening from 6:30-8:30pm for 6 weeks. 

Sliding scale $120-150. Maximum participation of 8 people. 
Come and share in a peer-to-peer counselling group where you can learn, share, and support yourself and others. 
Email to register or for more information, use subject line peer counselling.

Community Acupuncture 101
A 2 Day Course on Community Acupuncture
Date: January 13-14
Location: Pacific Rim College

In 2007 when Hemma community acupuncture opened we were the first community  acupuncture clinic in Canada affiliated with POCA (Peoples Organization of Community Acupuncture), and the 18th such clinic in North America.  13 years later there are now more than 300 such clinics located  throughout North America offering a combined total of nearly a million treatments a year.  This clinic model offers  tremendous value to the acupuncture profession as a whole and a tremendous value to our communities in terms of providing valuable health care needs.   This 2 day workshop will give you the opportunity to explore and understand the history and background of community acupuncture, why it’s such an effective service delivery model, and how to go about working within or starting your own community acupuncture clinic.

Course Objectives:
Exploring community acupuncture as a unique service delivery model, we will examine the history, philosophy and fundamentals of community acupuncture, in order to gain a greater appreciation for its role within the larger practice of acupuncture.  We will also examine and review the practical aspects of community acupuncture clinical practice and gain skills in patient care, assessment, diagnosis and treatment.