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Feeling Blue?

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Hopefully the recent sunshine and the sight of cherry blossoms emerging have helped to lift your spirits these past few days.  Despite living in an urban area, our bodies are really tied to the cycles of nature.  February to April can often bring on a sense of depression or even anxiety as we feel the need to go inside and connect with our deeper self — the need for stillness — contrasted against the daily demands of our lives and responsibilities.  This struggle can often lead to a sense of depression or angst, leading to a loss of self esteem, motivation, joy, and engagement with our purpose in life.   Both Depression and Anxiety are common health concerns we see in the clinic on a regular basis, especially now.  Acupuncture on a regular basis can help lift these symptoms and support other methods you might be employing such as psychotherapy, exercise, yoga, diet, and supplements.  The experience is similar to a deep meditation, helping you to connect deeply to self.  Here is how one patient described it:

The acupuncture sessions at hemma have been deeply healing for me over time.  My anxiety level has reduced dramatically.  I am a far calmer and more relaxed person then when I arrived 10 months ago which is very helpful to my overall condition…acupuncture puts me into a deep meditative state which is where I  believe that powerful healing can occur.  

The key is in taking the time for yourself — being regular and consistent about your treatment.  All healing requires commitment, focus, and determination.  When you’re feeling off it can be hard to move against the inertia.  Make the commitment, develop routines and show up.  When you slip, just begin anew.  Each day is an opportunity designed just for you!  So grace us all with your presence and Show Up!