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Giving The Gift Of Time

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Time is one of the greatest gifts that we can give during this reflective time of year.

As we approach the darkest day of the year our bodies (and spirits) crave down time — time to reflect, rest, heal.  Yet December tends to be one of the busiest months for all of us.  “I just don’t have time!”, is something I hear a lot in my conversations with people right now.  Our culture has reconfigured this time of hibernation into a mass frenzy of doing!

Last week when the power went out we had a brief reminder of simplicity and slowness — yoga classes and acupuncture by candlelight!  Without all the usual lights, computers, phones, credit cards machines, etc., life seemed to be thrust into difficulty, yet in reality it all became easier, calmer.  Conversations seemed more meaningful, connections deeper.  We all slowed down without the hum of our machines driving us.  40 minutes later when the machines whirled back to life I was struck by how quickly the cadence shifted.  The power outage was a reminder that we all need to take time to turn off the power in our mind — the busy mind of doing, doing, doing — and give ourselves the gift of stillness and contemplation.

Instead of waiting for the power to go out, I have a suggestion,  turn down the autopilot and pause now and then during the holidays!  Give yourself the Gift of Time.