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On Holidays

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What to do when your Acupuncturist or Favourite Teacher takes a Holiday?

Summer is the time for holidays, vacationing, and recharging.  So what should you do when your favourite Acupuncturist or Yoga teacher goes on holiday?  Short answer — “Keep Coming”!

Taking a holiday is always hard for an Acupuncturist or Teacher.  We love the people we serve and care for, and often find it difficult to take time for ourselves, knowing that it might create some hardship for you!  We know that people often loose their routines of self care when we go away, which can sometimes take months to reinstill.

Here’s why you should keep coming:

1. Your body still craves care and attention!

2. Receiving from someone new can bring fresh energy and insight!

3. You’ll be supporting your favourite teacher or acupuncturist to take care of themselves, which you will ultimately benefit from!

Happy Summer!