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Happy Summer!

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Summer is peeking around the corner and you are probably getting really excited about your summer adventures.  Sometimes coming inside is the last thing on your mind, but dedicating time to restore and recharge is essential to maintain balance during this dynamic time of year. We have some exciting offerings for you to keep you in your routine, or to try something new!

ACUPUNCTURE: purchase a 5 – Treatment punch-card for $85 (including all taxes) which you can use all year long. On sale from June 20th-30th only.

YOGA: Unlimited Yoga in July & August Рthis 2 month pass is $175 (plus gst) and is on sale from June 20th-30th only. Purchase your pass.

Why practice Yoga this summer?

* Improve Flexibility – as you try new activities like playing frisbee, badminton, golf, hiking, and biking, you can reduce the risk of injury if you stretch your muscles. Yoga will compliment your other summer adventures.
* Reduce Stress – a yoga class will leave you feeling calm and grounded.
* Breath Deeply – deep breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, stimulating your rest and digest response.
* Stay Healthy – yoga increases your circulation and detoxification process to help your body stay healthy.
*Develop Strength – yoga gives you the platform to develop strength both in your muscles, and your willpower.
* Wake Up – early morning yoga at 7am set you up for a great day by opening up the body.
* Wind Down – evening classes support you to wind down at the end of your day.
* Try Something New – try a class that is new to you, and if you are new to yoga, come take a class this summer to experience all of these amazing benefits!

If you are feeling exhausted, over-heated, or running from one thing to the next, try Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, or Gentle Hatha Yoga. Slowing down can sometimes be more energizing than taking a dynamic class. If you want to develop strength, be more active, and generate heat, try Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Flow, or Kundalini Yoga.

See you on your mat!