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hemma is asking you to decide!

Beginning today hemma is implementing a change to our yoga fee structure. Our goal at hemma has always been to serve as a community hub; a place where people of all ages, and all walks of life, can access varying health and healing modalities. In line with this philosophy, we have decided to shift from the current fixed fee structure to a sliding scale model, much like the current acupuncture fee structure.

Why a sliding scale?

For the past 5 years hemma has been using a flexible pay schedule for acupuncture services.  When we first started we saw two options: one, to create a fixed rate or two, to use a sliding scale.  Sliding scale was the primary choice for most community style acupuncture clinics throughout North America.  Most Canadians are not familiar with this type of fee structure, so we did have concerns about how our patrons would respond — having to choose how much to pay each time they accessed our services.  After 5 years I would have to say that the benefits have far outweighed any discomfort. The response has been positive.

How do I decide what to pay?

 Your purchase of services at hemma supports the existence of our community health center, it supports everyone who works at hemma, and it supports you. Select a place on the scale that allows you to access the services you need and at the same time support the existence of this community health model. The amount you choose may change from month-to-month, year-to-year. When you need a discount give yourself one, when you can contribute more remember that your helping others!  We want to give you the power to actively participate.

Still not sure?  We have provided an income scale that will help to give you a general idea. However, we recognize that other circumstances may also apply, use it simply as a guide.