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Leaning in . . . together!

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Here at Hemma, we’re wishing a happy Yuletide Season to you and yours.

It may seem implausible to wish for happiness right now. This holiday season will be different than any other – and for many, quite difficult. Without the usual extended family traditions, we may find ourselves in want of merriment and good cheer. Even our normal pattern of Christmas shopping is altered by the social restrictions designed to prevent Covid-19 outbreaks. And most of our traditional ways of marking this time of deep darkness and inwardness – with community celebrations of light and festive gatherings – have been unfortunately curtailed. 

We empathize with you. Deeply. All of us are affected in similar ways by the pandemic – even as each of our experiences vary across a spectrum of age, employment, family type, marital status, ethnicity, and income circumstances. We’re all feeling the insecurity of this moment in time. So, even if we can’t gather, we are all needing to lean in together, in spirit.

Knowing this, we want to make you a sincere offer of comfort and joy this holiday season at Hemma. Though it’s quieter in here – though we’re restricted from offering our standard cookies and tea – though our yoga classes are on hold for the time being – though you may be living in a state of discomfort, or fear, or alienation . . . We are here for you, now. 

We have created the conditions for a safe, sanitized, physically distanced acupuncture experience in our larger clinic room. We are now also offering private individual and pod/family treatments in our smaller clinic room.

Plus, you can now receive relaxation massage and bodywork, healing intuitive touch, and tarot readings at Hemma! Stay connected for updates on our schedule.

While we are all masking up, as per the new restrictions, you can be assured we’re wearing a smile underneath – and you can see it in our eyes!

We welcome you here, to ease your anxiety, to bring relief to your ailments, and to bestow a sense of quiet positivity to your day, even as you face whatever challenges are occurring due to this unprecedented situation.

Thank you so much for your continued support through last summer and fall, as we navigate through Covid-19. We really appreciate your support.

And yes, we wish you a happy holiday!