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leaving May street

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Today is Sunday July 3. Outside, the rain is coming down in a steady rhythm – a good day to sit and write. On Thursday, my son Kai, Penelope, and I packed up the last bits of Hemma @ 1274 May Street. We swept the floors one last time, and removed the sign from above the entrance. Two days of work and the place was quickly transformed back to its beginnings in the late summer of 2007, right before we first opened. 

So many memories fill this space. During the past few weeks I have really enjoyed hearing from so many of you – sharing your own special moments in this beautiful space that we all co-created.  

As special as a place can be, what I think is most important, are the people who inhabit the place – their intentions and offerings. Several times over the past week, as I was feeling my attachment to Hemma @ May Street, I thought about the Tibetan monks who carefully craft the most intricate sand mandalas, only to sweep them away upon completion. They remind us that the beauty and focus is in the creation, on being present with one another in the moments we have together, and most importantly that all material life in transitory. When the mandalas are complete, their destruction is conducted with thoughtful ceremony, the sand carefully collected in a jar, wrapped in silk, and then released into a river, returning to nature. 

As for us, well, we returned our recliners to the living rooms of avid fans of acu-naps. The needles, blankets, and altar pieces were packed up and carefully stored to await their unpacking in a few weeks’ time.  

In August, I will begin working with my friends Malcolm and Melanie of U-Retreat to prepare the new clinic space.  We plan to be open on September 1st, so please help us spread the word about our new location. You can book appointments online now.  

There have been a few questions about our new location – especially whether we’ll continue to provide community acupuncture. I can assure you that yes, indeed, we will be offering community acupuncture. I have been practicing this style of acupuncture for 15 years and its the only way I practice. I really believe that this method of acupuncture — being able to access acupuncture more frequently, healing with others, and resting for as little or as long as you like — really enhances the healing process.  

The space will be a bit different for sure. But the intention, care, and attention to healing space will be first and foremost in our minds, as always. Madison is the only practitioner who won’t be joining us right away when we reopen, she’ll be taking some time off to care for  her newborn. 

We miss you already, but also are enjoying this time of rest. I look forward to seeing you soon in our new location at 1508 Haultain Street at Haultain Corners in the Fernwood/Oaklands neighbourhood. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to email us at