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New Beginnings

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The new year marks a time for new, or perhaps renewed, resolutions. There is something compelling about starting anew on the first day of the year — though I personally feel that the darkest day of the year makes the most sense in terms of new beginnings. Regardless, its good to have a marker, a day where we can proclaim “from this day fourth, I will…” At least for a year anyway. My partner always encourages me to come up with 3 things I want to manifest in the new year, and as much as I resist, once I get going, I find that I do actually enjoy the process, along with imagining how each one can create a focus for the coming year. This year I thought about 3 qualities that I wanted to bring into my life over the next 12 months, and what that would look like, what that would feel like. I also envisioned 3 areas that I want to act on that will have a positive impact on my community and humanity as a whole.

As I was encouraged, I encourage you, to come up with 3 qualities/expressions/determinations you are wanting to manifest in your life this year, and 3 expressions that would serve your community and the world.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!”

Happy New Year!