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News Flash! Healthy living could slow down aging!

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So goes the latest news story. Nothing that many of you don’t already know, but still it feels good sometimes to have science confirm what we can already feel in our own body. The study is one in a number of accumulating studies which show that living a healthy life-style, i.e., reducing stress, eating well, exercising, and practicing meditation, can reverse disease and even prolong our lives. Yoga and Acupuncture are two activities that support this practice.

Acupuncture puts your body in a deep state of relaxation — like a deep meditation. Which gives your body a chance for deep healing and deep recovery. Yoga, builds the bridge between your body and mind — strengthening your body, and calming your mind. Both help to eliminate blockages in your bodies physical and energetic circulation which helps to prevent and eliminate dis-ease.  Often the real trick, is in putting it all into practice, on a regular consistent basis.

As our lives become busier and busier we need these healthy habits more than ever, yet somehow as life piles on, our practices suffer.  I encourage you to commit to regular practice, whether it is through healthy eating, running, receiving an acupuncture treatment, attending a yoga class, or all of them combined! That is the quickest way to health and happiness, and to greater success and achievement in your life!

And remember what Yoda said, “do or do not, there is no try!”