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on masks

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Hi all, as I am sure most of you heard today, the public health authority announced the removal of the mask requirement for indoor spaces. We are 6 days shy of two years since we were first asked to close due to the pandemic. Let’s pray that we are nearing the end of this particular journey.

For the past two years we have followed the guidelines of the public health authority. With their guidance we have been able to stay open, and continue to offer care in a safe and supportive manner. I am grateful for their guidance during these difficult times.

I know that for some these changes will bring about some concern and nervousness. Know that we respect and understand those feelings. You are free to wear a mask while you are in the clinic. You’re also free not to wear one. I feel it’s important to follow the guidance of the health authority, given that they have been our guide this whole way. You may not have always agreed with all their decisions, but I think they have done a good job under very difficult circumstances. As a society we worked together pretty well over the past two years, especially compared to some other parts of the world.

Remember that it took us all awhile to get used to all the changes that COVID brought. I expect it will take us awhile to get used to these changes as well. Please be respectful of people’s choices, as well as their opinion, feelings, and concerns.