Our Staff

Alison Heard – Studio Manager

I came across Hemma 8 years ago, by accident, when I was living near and attending Camosun College. One cold, fall night I was driving through Fairfield when I noticed a warm orange glow radiating from the upcoming intersection. “What is that place?” I wondered. As I sat at the stop sign peering over at Hemma I realized it was a yoga studio and community acupuncture clinic. I pulled over and decided to see what it was all about. Immediately when I walked through the doors I was struck with a sense of warmth and belonging, like I was “home”. I came back for class the following week and have been hooked ever since.

I remember always feeling so welcomed by the friendly desk staff and remember thinking “That must be a really great job” …Now, here I am…one of those friendly desk staff and I have to say it is a really great job and I love it.  It is truly rewarding to be a part of hemma and to hold space for your practice, whether that be for yoga or for acupuncture. I am continually inspired by all of you!


Coralie Charland – Desk Staff/Retail Manager

When I moved to Victoria in 2012, I was seeking a place to pursue my yoga practice,
a community to feel less far from home, and work to inspire me and remind me to be present… I thought I was asking for too much, but serendipitously, through Hemma, I found all three!

It is a true honour to be holding space for everyone who comes through our door, and I look forward to sharing smiles, conversations, and sighs of post-acupuncture bliss with all of you!




Eliza Sprackett – Desk Staff/Homebody Coordinator
I have lived in this beautiful city my whole life. I have a background in geriatric nursing and am now honored to be a part of Hemma and to hold space for the healing and transformation that happens here. Hemma has been a truly integral part of my own personal healing journey. I am thankful for the opportunity to practice in such a vibrant community and with such attuned teachers… Hemma really is a special place. I believe whole heartedly in the vision of making acupuncture and yoga accessible for all and I am excited to be of service to you!




Janet Wallden – Desk Staff

When I moved from Vancouver to Victoria in September 2017, I manifested a new “Yoga home” to share my teaching and embrace the vibrant community. I was introduced to Hemma on a walk with my dear friend and Yoga student whom lives in the hood and practices here. We stood on the corner with her 2 year old admiring the beautiful old character building, the colours of the paint complimenting the beauty of the sky and the trees, students were coming and going from their acupuncture and Yoga bliss, they’d smiled as they passed us, i felt the welcoming and love from the community sinking into my soul. Now i am so happy to say Im here smiling as you enter the door.


Kate Slade – Desk Staff


The first time I walked through hemma’s door was at a time of deep transition in my life. I took my shoes off, was offered a cup of tea, and was welcomed as if I was a friend in their home. I continued to practice at hemma because of the friendly staff, caring teachers, and the intentional practice I found that I had been craving.

Now, as a front desk staff, it is my pleasure to offer this experience to others and support a vision to make yoga and acupuncture more accessible in our community. It is an honour to hold space for others in my community and support their practice and healing in this way. Almost every day, I have an “I love hemma moment.” I’d love to hear what yours are!


Michael Hall – Owner/Director

For more than twenty years, as a student, practitioner, and teacher, I have been immersed in the fields of Acupuncture, Massage, and Yoga.   This focus culminated into hemma in 2007.  Since then my mission has been to foster a neighbourhood business that; provides essential and meaningful health-care, provides meaningful work and employment for staff and providers, and enhances and strengthens the spirit of community and cooperation among all.