Our Staff

Alison Heard – Studio Manager

I came across Hemma 8 years ago, by accident, when I was living near and attending Camosun College. One cold, fall night I was driving through Fairfield when I noticed a warm orange glow radiating from the upcoming intersection. “What is that place?” I wondered. As I sat at the stop sign peering over at Hemma I realized it was a yoga studio and community acupuncture clinic. I pulled over and decided to see what it was all about. Immediately when I walked through the doors I was struck with a sense of warmth and belonging, like I was “home”. I came back for class the following week and have been hooked ever since.

I remember always feeling so welcomed by the friendly desk staff and remember thinking “That must be a really great job” …Now, here I am…one of those friendly desk staff and I have to say it is a really great job and I love it.  It is truly rewarding to be a part of hemma and to hold space for your practice, whether that be for yoga or for acupuncture. I am continually inspired by all of you!


Coralie Charland – Desk Staff/Retail Manager

When I moved to Victoria in 2012, I was seeking a place to pursue my yoga practice,
a community to feel less far from home, and work to inspire me and remind me to be present… I thought I was asking for too much, but serendipitously, through Hemma, I found all three!

It is a true honour to be holding space for everyone who comes through our door, and I look forward to sharing smiles, conversations, and sighs of post-acupuncture bliss with all of you!




Eliza Sprackett – Desk Staff/Homebody Coordinator

I have lived in this beautiful city my whole life. I have a background in geriatric nursing and am now honored to be a part of Hemma and to hold space for the healing and transformation that happens here. Hemma has been a truly integral part of my own personal healing journey. I am thankful for the opportunity to practice in such a vibrant community and with such attuned teachers… Hemma really is a special place. I believe whole heartedly in the vision of making acupuncture and yoga accessible for all and I am excited to be of service to you!




Michael Hall – Owner/Director

For more than twenty years, as a student, practitioner, and teacher, I have been immersed in the fields of Acupuncture, Massage, and Yoga.   This focus culminated into hemma in 2007.  Since then my mission has been to foster a neighbourhood business that; provides essential and meaningful health-care, provides meaningful work and employment for staff and providers, and enhances and strengthens the spirit of community and cooperation among all.



Roxanne Dostie – Desk Staff
Hemma is my home away from home. The place I go to recharge, connect with myself and my community and where I serve and receive with so much gratitude.  From the acknowledgements of each other’s journey to the dishes washing, the shoe notes, the tea making, the hugs and the general tasks; being and growing at Hemma feels in total alignment with me. It’s an honour for me to hold space for everyone that shows up for themselves.  I see you.