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Practice Rain or Shine

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With longer days and sunlight, it feels easier to get outside and find activities to do both on land and on water. I know for myself that during these times of solar powered outdoor explorations, my indoor yoga practice tends to dwindle. I still start my day with a short morning meditation practice and some breathwork, but I relinquish the asana that winter months call for…

Why do we do this? We know that yoga is a valuable complimentary practice to summer (or indeed any) activities. It is important to warm up the body to prevent strains and injuries, as well as stretch out afterwards. Yoga, as well as acupuncture, helps to recover and avoid sore muscles so the body can be strong and limber.

After your next hike or cycle tour, roll out your mat on your patio, the beach or in the park, do yoga on a SUP, come practice at Hemma… Whatever you do, keep your practice up! We are here to support you with our unlimited Summer Yoga Pass for July and August for only $175!