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If you have been to Hemma lately, you may have noticed that many folks here are participating in 30 Days of Practice. 85 brave souls have signed up to commit to their Yoga and meditation practice for the month of March. In the Ancient Yoga Sutras, it is written that Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind. (Yoga Sutra 1.2) In order to achieve a state of Yoga, one must develop both practice and detachment. (Yoga Sutra 1.12).  Practice will look different for everyone, and we welcome practice at Hemma, out in the community, and at Home to count towards this commitment. The most important thing is that you practice regularly.

We had a lovely Opening Circle on March 1st to kick it off and shared some tools to support people over the month. If you are participating, recall the intention you set for yourself this month. If you want to join now, or participate in your own way in the future, here are 6 tips to keep you going:

1. Set an Intention
In Yogic terms, a Sankalpa is an intention you set to bring you closer to your full potential. It is a simple, positive statement in the present tense. It is best to state your Sankalpa mentally during Yoga or meditation. In this way, you plant a seed deep into your subconscious. What do you need right now?

2. Identify Obstacles…..and solutions!
Change is constant and life will often through you surprises. Certain habits, thought patterns, situations, and people may try to get in your way. Be proactive about some solutions. For example…

Obstacle: I don’t have time to practice every day
Solution: I will schedule time each day – even if it’s only 15 mins.

3. Make a Plan
It may happen that you naturally fall into routine and find yourself floating to your Yoga mat everyday….but more likely you will actually need to plan it! Have a look at the class schedule and your personal schedule then see what classes you can attend. Commit to these times.  On days when you can’t make it to a class, have a plan for a home practice, online class, or meditation.

4. Practice with Community
You are not alone in this! We are all working towards a similar goal – practicing Yoga daily. Find a “Yoga Buddy” – someone who will help hold you accountable and practice with you. Be your own Yoga buddy! Reach out to this community to share challenges, and celebrate your goals. And remember that we are doing this together, so if you practice early in the morning at home, know that someone else is probably doing the same!

5. Keep a Journal
As you embark on this journey, you may notice changes in your body, your mind, your emotions, your relationships, your whole Self. Keep track of how you feel. If you already practice Yoga everyday, then this tool may be especially helpful to learn more about yourself.

6. Celebrate!
Be proud of yourself for even stepping into this journey. Celebrate little milestones like “one week of practice”, or the fact that you are practicing more than you normally do. We are almost halfway through the month and it has been incredibly inspiring to see so many people committing to their practice. Keep it going and join us for the Closing Circle & Potluck on March 30th to celebrate!!