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Did you know that puppies and acupuncture can both help to elevate your levels of serotonin and dopamine?

We got a new puppy several weeks ago named Franklin. Six months ago our beloved dog Danny passed away. Since then, Roxanne, our other dog, showed signs of being pretty depressed. She had known Danny since she was a puppy and they had been constant companions for the past 6 years. Franklin appears to have elevated Roxy’s mood considerably – they play daily and snuggle together next to the heat vent. In fact everyone’s mood has been elevated – puppy energy is powerful stuff. 

Speaking of brain chemistry and moods, humans are wired in the same way – we thrive on being together in community and companionship. Since the pandemic though it feels like we are all struggling to find our way back to one another. Perhaps even before that period, it feels like we have been increasingly distracted and isolated from one another – trying to earn a living, living in our substitute communities of social media.  

This week, working in the clinic, what stood out to me was a palpable sense of community – people coming together with a shared purpose – to heal and support others in their healing process. This shared intention is largely unspoken but I believe it is felt non-the-less. There is nothing more human than spending time together in shared purpose. For some, who live alone, these gatherings might be the only way they find companionship and care in their lives. 

I hope you can all find ways to connect with one another during the holiday season. Remember that your presence is the best present of them all. Slow down, pause, look up from your phone, find ways to meaningfully connect with others in your community. Blessings to you all.