Spring into Self-care

In Victoria, the pulse of Spring as been beating for many weeks magnolias(even months!). It’s nearly impossible to ignore the vibrancy of nature this time of year. With this, comes a desire to be outside, to awaken earlier, to tend to the garden, to connect with community. As we turn the corner from Winter to Spring, it’s often also a time to renew your self-care routine. Let us help you with that!

$85 for 5 Acupuncture Treatments!

Our Spring Acu-punchcard sale is on from April 1st – 8th. There is no expiry date on these cards, nor is there a limit to how many you purchase. Having a pre-paid card creates ease for checking in, and commits you to Self-care.
Now you can purchase your Acu-Punchcard online!  Click HERE!

$7 Yoga at 7am!

For the month of April, spring out of bed for our 7-8am Morning Flow classes and our sliding scale is $7 – $15. Such a great way to start your day! However you nourish yourself this time of year, open your heart to the wisdom of nature.

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