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Take Time to Reconnect

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Over the past month I have seen a lot of people in the clinic who are struggling with anxiety and depression.  Summer used to be a time when life slowed down — when we all took an easier, care-free approach to life — but these days it feels as if we all just carry on at our usual frenzied pace like ants on a hot summer day.  In contrast, here in Victoria, we are surrounded by an overwhelming abundance of natural beauty which beckons us to pause, be still, and appreciate.  If the pace of life has caused you to become disconnected from your Self, remember to take time to reconnect — take a walk in the woods or along the water, go for a swim in the ocean or a lake, attend a yoga class, or drop in for some acupuncture.  These experiences can act like a reset button, and help you to remember what is really important in life.

~ Michael