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Teacher Feature – Dawn Rabey

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We would like to introduce you to Dawn Rabey. You can enjoy her Yin Yoga class on Mondays 9:00-10:30am and Kundalini Yoga class on Thursdays 4:45-6:00pm.

1. Dawn, when did you start practicing Yoga and why?
I started practicing yoga in 1998 for lower back pain.

2. How has Yoga helped you in your life?
Yoga has been a constant source of centering and grounding in my life.  The practice brings me to my Self over and over again.  Yoga keeps me physically healthy and vibrant, mentally clear, and emotionally free.  By emotionally free, I mean it allows me to have a deep flowing relationship with all the range of emotions, in a connected, yet unattached way.  Spiritually, yoga keeps me connected to Source, to my own Heart, and to the One Heart.

3. What style of Yoga do you teach?
I currently teach Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, and Yin Yoga – both infused with Tantra.  I also teach Hatha and Vinyasa Flow.

4. What can students expect from your class?
I consistently integrate pranayama and mantra into my classes – especially Kundalini.  My classes are suitable for a range of students from beginners to advanced practitioners, as space is created for you to go deep within and work at your own level.  Wherever you are is perfect.

5. How do you support beginners in your class and emphasize their safety?
Instruction is clear and concise, modifications are given, and there is time before and after class to ask questions and receive individual feedback and support.  Although there are basic alignment principles that are helpful guiding posts, nothing can surpass the wisdom of our own bodies.  Therefore, I encourage students to tune in and follow the wisdom of their own bodies through breath, focussed internal presence, deep listening, and receiving.

6. What advice can you offer students with a regular practice to take their practice further?
Nurture both your individual (home) practice and group practice.  The group energy brings us to levels that we can not achieve on our own (or would take us much longer), and the individual practice keeps you centered in and from Source and not dependent on external conditions.  Every so often invest in a week-end or week-long event given by a seasoned (40+ years experience) teacher/guide/mentor who offers teachings aligned with your desires.

7. How do you take yoga off the mat?
Yoga is Union.  All of life is union/relationship.  The practice of Yoga is the process of being whole/in union (as that wholeness continuously unravels within creation and recreation) in all our relationships: Relationship with Self, God/dess, family, friends, collegues, the earth, the animals – with All that IS.  When we are in union with our Self, we can move with grace, ease, freedom, and joy in the world and within all our relationships.  The wisdom of Yoga also permeates my Private Practice – I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor, and Psychotherapist who works within the Transpersonal, Integral, and Relational perspectives.  You can visit my website at