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Teacher Feature – Meagan Welch

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Introducing Hemma teacher Meagan Welch! You can join her every week for Hatha Yoga on Sundays from 4:30-5:45pm. Get to know her in this interview.

1. When did you start practicing Yoga and why? 

I discovered yoga a decade ago on a path to self discovery and greater physical fitness. I have explored many different styles of yoga over the years.

2.  How has Yoga helped you in your life?

Nothing inspires me more than to inspire others, and to help others see what every moment in this life has to offer. A dedicated yoga practice has allowed me to live a fuller life than I ever imagined. Sharing this with others has been one of the best experiences and exchanges in my life. Yoga has allowed me a clear mind, grounded feet and a passionate heart.

3. What style of Yoga do you teach?

I teach and practice several variations of flow, hatha, and yin yoga.

4. What can students expect from your classes?

Although i teach various styles of yoga the theme in which I teach is consistent. We move from the heart, focus on breath and alignment, and unite the mind, body and heart in a sometimes challenging but always playful practice.

5. How do you support beginners in your class and emphasize their safety?

My classes have a huge emphasis on alignment. Building from foundation allows for a strong, mindful practice, that can be sustained a lifetime without injury and with increased viatlity in all parts of life on and off the mat.

6. What advice can you offer students with a regular practice to take their practice further?

Dedication and commitment are key. Listen to your body and your breathe, recognize when to slow down and take a break. This does not mean you’re taking a step back but in fact will facilitate a deeper practice.

7. How do you take yoga off the mat?

Through lifes challenges yoga has taught me to slow down and breathe. You will only feel the deepest desires in your heart from a place of stillness. Yoga has taught me to remember where I came from and to come back to myself by living in rhythm with nature. The energy of your hearts desire is not unique to you alone! Others will relate to you when you show them your true self with sincerity. I think the most important lesson has been you do not need to prove anything to anyone. Love yourself and learn to forgive and forget. Nothing is permanent. Although life is hard, living passionately and with awareness you will see beauty everyday!