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Teacher Feature – Tracey Noseworthy

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This month we are delighted to introduce you to Tracey Noseworthy who has been teaching at Hemma since we opened! She is an integral part of the Hemma family and you need to come take a class with her and experience her infectious positive energy! She teaches Vinyasa Flow on Wednesdays at 9am, and Fridays at 5pm.

1. When did you start practicing Yoga and why?
I started practicing yoga when I got pregnant with my first child.  I was a totally A-type personality, and recognized the opportunity to slow down a little, breathe more and wanted to root my energy and love the pregnancy.  Wow!  It did just that and so much more, as I followed up with so much after my delivery and ever since.

2. How has Yoga helped you in your life? 
Yoga has helped me in more ways than I think I even realize. It has definitely helped with my physical strength, flexibility, endurance and balance.  It has taught me how to breathe, when to slow down, take in new sensations, and then breathe even deeper.  It has helped me be a better parent without a doubt, a better friend, a better person overall, and
to be as present as I can be at every moment in every day.  It has helped me stay grounded, let things roll off my back that don’t matter, and stay positive.

3. What style of Yoga do you teach? 
I teach vinyasa flow ~ a wonderful connection of breath leading movement, and movement inspired by breath.  I love it!

4. What can students expect from your class? 
Students can expect an inspiring class, full of fun, energy, music, fluidity and grace.  They can expect to sweat, and be challenged, always honouring their body and their state.  They can expect an experience, a journey in fact, from beginning to end.

5. How do you support beginners in your class and emphasize their safety?  
I will always try to identify if somebody is new to my class, or even new to yoga.  I always offer options within a pose, throughout a vinyasa, and modifications with blocks or parts of the body.

6. What advice can you offer students with a regular practice to take their practice further? 
With a regular practice, I think it’s so important to stay in touch with your body and still feed a little opportunity to grow.  Listen to inner resistance and then look at it, perhaps it’s an area of yoga yet to be explored, asana, breath work, yin, restorative, meditation are a few examples.  I also support visiting and studying with many different teachers, and taking as many workshops as you can.  Develop a home practice, and play with the balance of community and self practice.  It’s a beautiful gift.

7. How do you take yoga off the mat? 
I take yoga off the mat with my children, my dog, and my lifestyle.  I practice karma and teach the practice to friends and family.  I lead by example, and although I would love to preach and teach all the time ~ lifestyle works the best.  I coach my daughters volleyball team, and last year introduced yoga to 13 year olds – they asked for more.  I volunteer and co-ordinate outside events that promote community and a healthy lifestyle.  And, as of late I’m involved in opening a few organic juice bars within the city.  A wonderful balance of health, and lifestyle on and off the mat.